Motherhood is daunting. It is delightful, fulfilling, rewarding, eternally significant, but it is also daunting! There are times in every mother's journey when the less than glamorous aspects of motherhood can feel like a heavy blanket of desperation wrapped around your spirit!

This is why Sarah Mae and I wrote the book: Desperate: Hope for the Mom who needs to Breathe, which inspired this year's Mom Heart Conference theme, "I take hope. Moving from Desperate to Destiny."

All of us need to take hope from the promises and wisdom of God to make it through those wet blanket, overwhelming, dark days.

Join hundreds of women from all over the US and other countries to be inspired and encouraged.

This year, I want every mom who attends to leave the conference with hope for herself, for her home, for having the ability to love and shepherd the hearts of her children. Not just a passing feeling, but that God is active and living in themselves, their homes and in the hearts of their children. The kind of hope that leads you from desperate to a sense of destiny--that through you God will shape the next generation of adults, and that your labor and love is investing in eternity.

This weekend will be one of refreshment, encouragement, close friendship and fellowship, laughter, tears and life. I hope many of you can make it. There is music, great food, chocolates, great speakers, lots of extras and books galore!

Please join us and tell your friends. For 4 more days, we are extending early registration, which is the lowest price and including $10 for the book table. But you must register by Saturday night, midnight, to get in on this offer.

Can't wait to see you there.

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