The Culture of our own family home.....

“Where we love and are loved is home, home where our feet might leave, but not our hearts.” Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
Welcome began where my precious firstborn, fought the construction at the airport, to pick me up one more time and to say, "Hi, Mama. I love you. I am so very happy you are home."
Then the wonderful emails, comments, facebook messages--to see how very blessed I am to have so many, undeserved friends praying and wishing me well and welcoming me home--
I do not deserve such abundant grace and love and it fills my heart with thanksgiving.
My shady front porch which says, "You belong here." I bought 4 rocking chairs this summer that invited us all to sit and talk whenever and we spent hours being together here--and had to pull up chairs.
So happy to be in my home again–
where the tea is strong, (Yorkshire Gold)
and always  in China cups or mugs, (It keeps it hotter!) This one of my favs--all the kids gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago!
At my kitchen counter, I can grab a handful of my dark almonds, (I buy them in bulk--my antioxidants, you know!) or nuts or grapes or fruit--whatever is in season,
my little books and things that are familiar every where I left them......
and Clay and I chatter about events, ideas, dreams and thoughts and I know he will laugh at the things that made me merry! He puts on music which wafts through our home most of the time, all the time;
 Sarah greeting me with a fresh crock-pot full of chicken, herbs, oil, potatoes and a sauce that is savory--meal already prepared--and all is straight, clean and inviting--no work for me!
flowers that have lasted us 2 weeks (only $3 bunches--picked well! ) and a lit candle, fresh pears and cheese, and home made apple crisp
 snuggling up with a great  "Joy" heart talk,  before she goes to bed, sharing secrets; (on the phone, of course, talking of Thanksgiving in just 3 weeks,........)
my own little books and magazines and precious pictures and things all around, and having candlelight and warm meals at night in our warm comfy den with....
and lots of talking and sharing with everyone wanting everything heard and known and giggled at;
Kelcy–oh faithful golden retriever paws me again and again and again, and where all is familiar and all belong to this tiny little community of Clarkson.  We have built our culture over many years--but it speaks to all of us of "Clarkson" and though it may not appeal to others, to us it speaks
"Home where you belong."
Oh so happy to be home tonight!
What things define some of your family culture?