Mentoring Monday 4 Grace in the midst of Interruptions and Unexpecteds

Ella, my new friend

No make-up, wrinkled clothes, unwashed and a little wild hair, and exhaustion from 6 days on the road and 3 mights of 4 hours of sleep, left me ripe for "an attitude."

Arising at 4:30 a.m., I slipped into a taxi with my dear friend in order to be sure we made our plane with no hitches. I am a little neurotic about being at airlines early, especially when I cannot wait to get home.

Overflowing with adrenalin-filled days, hundreds of faces and tears and hearts shared and speaking had left me quite drained. Now, with cheered heart, I was secure knowing that a pot of hot tea, warm fresh meal-(not hotel fare) and the comfort of my home was awaiting with my most beloved ones, who had "prepared a place for me," as was custom with the Clarkson clan whenever anyone returned to the beloved haven called home.

Fast Forward and we found airport in Harrisburg was abuzz with people hoping to get out to their own homes before the storm erupted on the east coast where connections to cities and travel back home would stop travel.

"Well, at least I am secure. I made an early flight home just to be sure I got out."

Too many details to write, now finds me in Detroit, now Monday monday morning, not home and hoping to make my flight.

The agent had spoken the words, "There is no connection to any city where you can find a flight home to Denver today, and you may not get out until Wednesday."

My heart sank, anger was knocking at my heart, the thoughts of, "But Lord, I have been spending my life all week for others, and staying up with them and praying and helping......if you loved me........"

And then the check of spirit...Not my will but yours be done. Look how hard this sweet young woman is working with hundreds of disgruntled customers--and she alone is not responsible for the storm.

And so, my focus shifted to her. "I bet this job is so hard when people expect you to do the impossible."

She began to pour out her heart as her fingers flew over the computer to find just one--just one airplane going to Denver with one seat where she could put my name on it.

Seems this sweet woman had two children, a sense of humor, a servant heart and a desire to help--if she was given the chance. Our stories were shared, and a way was found through another angel friend standing waiting.

If I could get to Detroit--rent a car, drive for 9 hours through rain and fog and also beautiful scenery, rent a hotel room, then I could catch a plane home Monday morning.

Interruptions--a constant of life. Changing my plans, interrupting my expectations--daily, momently--the proverbial glass of spilled milk, the illness the machine that stops working (dishwasher, car, computer, ....), illness, fusses and fighting--

an opportunity for grace and friendship and love and gentleness, (my current focus)

or a wasted moment of anger spilled, feelings erupting and peace lost.

It is a choice that starts in our hearts, our minds--to yield this moment to God--and ask for perspective and strength--

or to waste the opportunity to worship, by faith and to be patient and see His hand and fingerprints all over the moments.

As for me,

We picked up another unknown, stranded Allume friend, traveled the 9+hours and giggled, talked, shared convictions and enjoyed each other's friendship amidst the most beautiful colors of leaves shouting out the glory of God.

And now, once again, I am off to another airport, just hoping that this time, it will lead me to home.