A Few thoughts about spiritual warfare for our children--why to stay strong

I have been so aware lately of how important, in light of staying strong and refreshed, it is to keep nurturing spiritual, loving and encouraging relationships. This is so biblical and I will write more specifically about it tomorrow.  But, I have also seen that staying close to our children and keeping them from feeling lonely, especially as they foray out into the world, is essential. I think most of the great kids I know who have fallen prey to spiritual battle and compromise, felt really alone in the culture and eventually became worn down from the constant drumming of cultural values and fell away from the Lord because of peer pressure and a desire for friends and for love. It becomes tiring to always be the one who stands alone.

If we but knew the strategic battle we are in for their very lives and souls, we would focus more on what matters--both for ourselves as well as for our children. And this is one of the most important reasons we must protect ourselves from burnout--so we can finish well, "smile at the future" as Proverbs 31 says, and stay strong in our ideals. I recorded some thoughts about these things yesterday and will be trying to do more messages online. Hope it works--downloading this is new to me! Let me know what you think!