posting again soon, but until then......

We all need to develop lots of kinds of friendships. But there is one kind of friendship I have enjoyed this year with several wonderful women who have some craziness in common with me, we all love our family and keep busy with family stuff, we all love great literature and ideas, educating our children, we are all writers and live the craziness of writing and keeping up with an outside world and blogging and speaking and life. So here are 3 of my sweet friends' whose writing always fills my soul and they always make me want to be a better writer and follower of the Lord. Blessings to these three wonderful ones today and to all of you. The first is Brenda Nuland at  I particularly like this post on saying yes--it is a choice and it ends up blessing us again and again--if we make the effort. And yes, I was so blessed to have a serendipitous meeting with her sweet family, as well.Brenda paints life so beautifully with her words. 

The second is Elizabeth Foss at In the Heart of My Home  I met her many years ago through some correspondence about the book Educating the Whole Hearted Child. I love her heart for her family and find her posts so thoughtful and aiming right at the heart and can't wait to have a very long cup of coffee or tea together sometime hopefully sooner than later. She leads me into a deeper desire to love Him and my children and she expresses life in a family in ways my life so agrees with the ups, downs, realities and beauty.

The third  is Ann Voscamp at A Holy Experience. Ann always ponders life deeply and gets to the inside feelings and thoughts that we all long to probe. She weaves words so artistically and makes me go to those thoughtful places in my own mind that I often am to busy to notice. Her heart for Him overflows into words for us to enjoy.