A Surprise, a Whole Lot of Fun--and a Webinar w/ Me and Sarah Mae!


Bubbling over with a smile in my heart is how I feel when I get a certain call. When my phone rings, and I answer and start engaging actively in conversation, obviously having a great time and giggling, my children riding in the car with me say, "Oh, Mom, it's Sarah Mae, isn't it?"

Sarah Mae is such a kindred spirit of mine and truly a close friend. I love that God brought us together as friends and co-conspirators in projects and ideals. What a gift to have a friend who "gets" you.

Today Sarah Mae launched her website for her new book, Longing for Paris: One Woman's Search for Joy, Beauty, and Adventure...Right Where She Is, and when you pre-order a copy of the book, you get access to a webinar we're doing on longings and how we can fill our souls right where we are. 


Remember, the only way you can have access to the Webinar is to pre-order her new book. We all live between our ideals and dreams and the reality of every day. I know you will enjoy the webcast and love the book.

Go to Sarah Mae's blog to read all about it!