Have Your Own Retreat this Summer! I had mine: Mom Heart Intensive Reunion

11402783_10153102587914753_2982007802591241706_o A few years ago, I thought how much I needed to have friends and older moms to encourage me through the difficult times of my years in marriage, ministry and as a mother, but I was pretty alone most of the way. I imagined how I would like to bring women from all over the world into my home to inspire, serve, love, share in life together and then send them back out to do the same in their own cities. I put my plan to action and dream became reality.

Maybe you could have a mini-retreat this summer with your friends. (At a park, your home, a church, a cafe mini-retreat, a hotel lobby--just some time to get away and be with friends--intentionally!) Make a memory that feeds your soul.

I so love these precious ones. Our hearts have been knit together by our common love for God, Biblical ideals and commitment to making the effort to get together. Here is what my friends thought!

My friends were asking yesterday, "How was it?"  I didn't know what to say to sum in all up: encouraging, inspiring, relaxing, a lot to process.  Now I think the best word to describe the Intensive for me is RENEWED.  I have renewed enthusiasm to love God, live for His Kingdom, and serve others, in my family and my community.  Being reminded of my position in God's family and the call to be "all in" refreshed and revived my soul as much as the meals, hotel beds, and chocolate did my body, not to mention the relief of sweet fellowship with other like-minded women! -Heather Ashe, Pennsylvania


My leadership team who has been working with me for 8 years! Couldn't do without each other.

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing”  1Thess. 5:11 This was a weekend of true encouragement, not the kind that says “work harder, do more, and feel guilty if you don’t” but also not the kind that says “take it easy, you’re doing better than most so pat yourself on the back and relax”.  Sally has a message of seeking a biblical balance, living a sustainable life of wholeheartedly pouring ourselves out in service to God and others, while seeking ways to refill our own souls.  I came home abundantly encouraged!- Audry Tyrrell


There is nothing quite so sweet as a table prepared, a friend ready to greet you and give a warm hug and hearts ready to be spilled over into your life and absorb yours as well. The Mom Heart Intensive met me with all of these things, and more: much needed refreshment and incomparable nurture, challenging teaching and time to steal away with Jesus and re-commit my life to all he has called me to. I am so thankful and forever changed." -Kristen Kill, www.hopewithfeathers.com, New York City


We cook, decorate, plan, pray and work hard to make it a weekend to serve these sweet ones.

"This past weekend was amazing.  I experienced so many things.  One of my fears was taken away as it was my first time to Pray out loud in a small group.  I always have prayers for others but let the fair take over me, so I couldn't say the words out loud.  God filled me with GRACE.  As we prayed over one another the tears just came knowing everything that each one of us are going through.  Not all tears were from sadness they were from the words I was hearing each one of us speak over the other.  It was amazing.The time listening to Sally speak, her stories, wisdom, prayers, comforting words, and sharing was truly amazing.  It was words I needed to hear, prayers I needed, wisdom I needed, and words to comfort me.  The work she has done is amazing and I hope other mom's will find her like I have.  I am ready to share with so many others as I know we all can use encouragement. I know so many women who are broken.  I want to reach out and not let any fair hold me back." - Kathy Hahn, Indiana


Meals together for the best conversation and fun and a gift at every meal.

Unity & grace. These are words that come to the forefront of my mind when I reflect on the weekend I was privileged to be a part of at the Mom Heart Intensive. From the deepest part of my heart, I have never in my life experienced the kind of rich unity that I felt at the Mom Heart Intensive. Very quickly I learned that, though I had never met most of the women prior to the retreat, these truly are “my people.” There is something so intensely moving to sit and be trained by sweet Sally among women who share the same vision and conviction for embracing motherhood, raising their children with love & purpose, leaving a gospel legacy, saturating our families with grace, and taking that message to women around the world. My life was changed by this experience.  - Jessica Fordice, Beaverton, OR


"Sally Clarkson's Mom Heart Intensive 2015 was a time of refreshing, refueling, and renewing my focus in God's purpose for our family. I will forever be grateful for Sally's hospitality, love for mothers, and generous outpouring of wisdom. Her God-given message has been used by God to transform how I view my role as a wife/mother. Her grace-filled words have challenged me this weekend to look at the land God's given me and ask the question, "how can I bring beauty, truth, and goodness into my life?" If you've never attended one of Sally's Intensive, make it a point to get to the next one. How you view life will forever be impacted by her kingdom message!" -Darlene Collazo, Penn.


This weekend, I was in the presence of like-minded women who love the Lord and
are searching for His beauty in their lives. Sally Clarkson willingly poured her heart and
soul into each of us, giving us the opportunity to breathe deeply of God's goodness.
We were able to reflect on what God would have each of us to do in our mom hearts to disciple this generation. I came away rested and restored in Christ ready to serve Him, my family, and my community of moms. -Tami Cooke, Texas



"Spending several days with inspiring faithful women brought deep joy to my soul.  I am full of gratitude for the time these precious Mom Heart Leader moms spent sharing with me, encouraging, praying, dreaming, and challenging me.  Staying connected in community with other mothers is so important in our ministry as moms.  It is so much more than a coffee break with friends.  These moms see their lives as a ministry, a pouring out of all that God has placed in their heart.  If you are feeling alone or isolated in your life as a mom, I encourage you to look for a Mom Heart group in your area.  You can find and connect with groups through the Mom Heart facebook page or momheart.com .  If you don’t see a group in your area, pray about starting one and begin readingTaking Motherhood to Hearts." -Gretchen Roberts, North Carolina


Loving Hands, Flaming Hearts, Glowing Spirits and Tender Smiles filled the faces of the mamas assembled last week in Monument, Co.  How tender it was to be together, learning to grow as women and leaders for Jesus in the company of such kindred spirits.  During our days together we recalled the Old Days when we first met and relished in how far the Lord had brought us through the ensuring years.  I'm so very grateful that we met for our reunion.  I've come away inspired and ready to serve my Mom Heart mamas here with abandon.  To God be the Glory for such a 4 days of Feasting, Loving, Talking, Praying and Sharing that we had! -Kelli Coombs, Virginia


"Sally Clarkson weaves intentional discipleship with lavish hospitality and girl time - all in an atmosphere of love and acceptance - like a mother. When I leave our intense time together I want to be better, more purposeful, and a life-giver in my home - to ones I love the most. My mind is brimming with ideas of how to pour out to those around me - especially moms, like me. Proverbs 11:25 “She who refreshes others will herself be refreshed.” -Debi Chapman www.debichapman.com, Texas


Women from Canada, Mexico and all over the US came together to make this an amazing weekend I will remember for a long time. Even a mini-Saturday morning retreat, gathering like-minded women together is a great idea for this summer. How 'bout at your house?! So much fun.......too little time. I am hoping we can do another in the future. Stay tuned here and if we do another you can find out when and where.