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The MinistryWhole Heart Ministries is the ministry my husband Clay and I began in 1994. We are dedicated to helping Christian parents raise wholehearted children who will live for Christ. We both write and speak at conferences around the US and internationally. To browse our books or find a nearby conference, you can visit the Whole Heart website.

Whole Heart's Mission The mission of Whole Heart Ministries is “to encourage and equip Christian parents to build a biblical home and a godly heritage by nurturing, discipling and educating their children at home.” Whole Heart Ministries strives to serve Christian parents and their children worldwide through ministries of speaking, teaching, training, writing and publishing that focus on the biblical and practical aspects of home nurture, home discipleship, and home education. Our ultimate objective is to come alongside Christian parents to help them prepare their children to become Christian leaders in the next generation.


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