A New Blogging Home

Dear Blogging Mom Friends, I realized that many of you do not know that my husband and I have a ministry and send out newsletters to moms once in a while! I thought I would insert my most recent newsletter in a post today, so that you can know some of my other life--speaking, writing, teaching on the issues of Motherhood--because we at Whole Heart think all of you are quiet special. I am so excited to have a much better look on this blog as I was limited to my own lack of knowledge and experience on my old blog. But Sarah, my daughter and kindred spirit designed something that was so much more me! So I hope you enjoy it! You can sign up on my newsletter list by going to www.wholeheart.org and then you will hear about our conferences, books and have articles along the way. I am off to Orlando, Florida in an hour and look so forward to seeing many of you kindred spirits this weekend. Have a great weekend! I will be back on blog next week if I get free from Joy's 13th birthday to write to all of you. I so appreciate the letters and comments--have just not had time to respond lately. Please forgive me! Sally


Dear Sweet Moms,

It has been a while since I have written to you, but lots has been going on with the Clarksons and with Whole Heart Ministries. It seems the more I teach Bible studies here in Colorado and the more I meet with moms when I travel, I feel more than ever that I want to invest as much time and effort to encourage and inspire moms to understand how very important their relationship is to developing the character of the next generation in their home! You are all so very precious to the Lord and your labor for Him is absolutely necessary. I see more and more teens who have so many emotional scars and destructive emotional baggage and believe that moms can play a strategic role in the future of the lives of these precious ones and the next generation. Clay, our ministry architect, has been working on a plan that we will tell you about very soon—to better reach more moms and to provide a network of encouragement for moms all over the world.

There are several fun things that the Lord has brought our way in the last months. First, we were privileged to have Ministry of Motherhood published in Dutch last year. (Soon our books will be in six languages-Chinese, Korean, Polish, Dutch, French and English!) I received the most interesting letter from Kor, Erna and Bauke Stelma, the lovely Dutch family who helped to get this book published in Holland. Here is what Erna said,

In the Netherlands, the 30th of April is a day of special celebration called Queen's Day. It's the national celebration of our queen Beatrix's birthday (she actually has her real birthday the 31st of January). This year, the queen came to Franeker (our place of residence) to celebrate the day with the inhabitants of our municipality. Yesterday something happened of which I thought you might love to hear.De roepingvan het moederschap (The Ministry of Motherhood in Dutch). And eventually, he gave princess Laurentien a copy of the book! She is the wife of our prince Constantijn, the brother of prince Willem-Alexander, wh o will become king as soon as queen Beatrix abdicates. We sincerely hope that she will read the book and that it will work on her heart! I attached a photograph. To the left, you see our publisher Dingeman van Wijnen, then princess Laurentien and finally Albert de Vos, de other publisher, the one who handles the publication of De roeping van het moederschap with us.

Our publisher, Dingeman van Wijnen, acted out one of the former professor sof Franeker (in earlier years our city had a theological university, the second in the Netherlands (after Leiden)). He prepared a book table for the Royal Family to enjoy. One of the books he presented was

So, the Lord arranged for a real princess to receive our book! Please pray for the Lord to open many doors for mothers to be encouraged to invest in their children’s lives in Holland! We are so grateful for the work our friends are doing there to reach these young moms! If any of you would like to order an English copy, you can order it through www.wholeheart.org. If there is anyone reading this who would like to order it in Dutch, you can order it through the website here: www.deroepingvanhetmoederschap.nl

Season’s Video Series

Finally, we have been experimenting with starting to do videos as support Bible studies for each of my books. A very talented young man, John Lane, has videotaped an introduction and 4 chapter talks to accompany Seasons of a Mother’s Heart. You may go to Godtube to see a sample of these videos. Please give me your feedback and send your friends to the video to help us reach more people so that we can see the responses of moms who don’t even know us. If we have a good response and can raise support for these projects, we might even do a video series for Mission of Motherhood; Ministry of Motherhood and The Mom Walk; as well as Educating the Whole Hearted Child. This would make our lectures available to families all over the world!

I pray each of you may know the unconditional love and grace of our precious Lord and sense His presence and blessings in your life this summer. I so appreciate every letter and emails. I am not always on top of responding to every letter, but I read every one and our family prays for all of you! Heartfelt thanks, too, for all of you who support our ministry and help us to reach families all over the world. We could never do so much publishing and so many projects without the generous donations of so many. May all of you find rest and refreshment and fun for your souls this summer!

Many blessings, Sally