Accomplished, Intentional, Exceptional women feed the souls of others

Mary Cassatt

A woman who thinks and reads,  will serve others well and invest wisdom to those in her sphere of influence.

I have been intrigued, lately, by the thought of writing a book about great women--those who leave a legacy of spirituality, influence, wisdom and grace in the wake of their lives. I have known a number of what I would consider "great women" and I have been working on the the areas of strength and commitment that they all seem to share in common. I am wondering if that kind of a book would appeal to women like you, my friends. It seems to me today that our churches are neglecting some of the training and vision that can build women into godly, strong leaders in their generation.

Of course one of the attributes that has arisen from studying and interviewing these women, is that all of them are great readers. They have invested many hours in engaging their minds in scripture, with great thinkers, biographies and when I talk to them, I know I will be stimulated to greater thoughts and ideas because what is in their soul is worthy for me to come into contact with. A woman cannot give out greatness of mind if she has not invested her mind in great thoughts.

Now I am not talking about formal education. As a matter of fact, I learned so little of what I know from college, or public school. Most of what I know has been in my own personal pursuit, my own hunger to know as well as my desire to pass on great thoughts and ideas to my children. Being accountable to them, being a steward of their minds and thoughts has created an environment of learning for me. Any child who has a mother who loves to learn, will be blessed.

All women who are made in God's image, and who want to pursue excellence of mind, must intentionally cultivate their ability to think, to understand theology (the knowledge of God), and to follow paths of wisdom. Great women think well and pursue the virtue of a mind that can suitably worship God by its great thoughts.

Many women have asked me if my ministry and conferences are just for homeschoolers because I homeschooled my children. My answer is that I hope any woman who comes into contact with my teaching or writing will be encouraged because my goal is to be Biblical, true, add intelligence and wisdom and vision to all mothers and all women who attend our conferences. My goal is to enlighten women biblically and so many of every background, every educational choice attend and  come to our conferences and read my books, and in that I have had great fellowship with all who attend. All women and young women are welcome to come to our conferences and I hope my books are inspirational to anyone who has a heart for Biblical motherhood.

But I am getting off the subject. I have pondered what you really want me to write about. Please help me to know what is on your own heart.

These are some subjects I have contemplated writing about:

Leaving a Legacy

Traditions that give life

Cultivating a Great Soul

The aspects of a life-giving home


How to have a quiet time

Cultivating a habit of Sabbath rest in the midst of a busy life

Great books to read--for children, women, young adults, boys and girls

The needs of babies, children, teens, young adults

Getting rid of guilt and inadequacy

Dealing with loneliness and depression

Loving well

Would you please let me know which subjects appeal to you? I am also working on a new network that some of you know about where I will ask other writers to join me in feeding the souls of women in my arena.

Sometimes, I speak so often in different places and teach a couple of Bible studies at home and write articles and so I can have the feeling, "Haven't I already said this? Or written about this?" I have already said that or spoken this and so I forget what the needs of women are.

And so, can you please help me? What do you really want me to write about? What do you struggle with the most? What areas do you want help in for your daily life?

Some friends and I want to put together a wonderful network of ideas and inspiration that point women to Biblical ideals, grace, intentional mothering and so we want to know from you--what do you want to know, read and think?

Thanks for this--I don't want to be so immersed in so many areas that I am not meeting the real felt needs. I was so very alone in my own journey as a mom that I do not want others to feel so alone. And so, I look forward to your ideas, input and questions.

Be blessed today in His presence and companionship in your moment by moment life.