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Each of us has a friend hole in our hearts. We were made to be loved, known, understood, affirmed, encouraged. It's why Jesus' philosophy of ministry when he came to the earth was personal. Develop an inner circle of friends that you love deeply, live life with, teach and instruct and then send them out into the world with your messages of truth.

It is why Paul said for the older women to teach and instruct the younger. We need mentors. We long to be known--not invisible--and to walk hand in hand with beloved friends and older, wiser, more experienced women who have already been down the path.

I know that I longed for such a person in my own life.

God kept leading Clay and me to do things differently than our parents had done

to nurse our babies, to have as more children, to start our own ministry and conferences and publishing house,

to educate our children through mentorship and literature and discipleship, instead of the tried and true school methods,

But, I had no one ahead of me to tell me what the pot holes were--what to avoid, what to lay aside, how to trust God--

I knew no one with my ideals.

And so I wanted to try to be an encouragement to those who were walking this road behind me, so that moms would not feel alone as I felt.

I must admit, I was shocked at how many women entered the contest to win 40 minutes of mentoring with me--

it shows me that there are many, many women with a desire to be encouraged--and I believe that God meant for us to have Grandma's, moms, aunts and a circle of wisdom to show us the way.

But there are very few to find, at least for me, with my ideals.

And so, I want you to know I am praying and praying about how to reach more moms and to network with more women to train and encourage them to become mentors and to start small groups, so that like-minded moms, with similar ideals, do not feel alone.

So pray for me and for all of us to find new ways to bridge the gap and to develop ways to hold hands across the world in our common call and ideals to build a godly generation in and through our homes.

Here are the winners of last week's contests

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU! I pray all of you will be encouraged!

Mom Walk and Journey's of Faithfulness  Kort
Mom Walk and Journey's of Faithfulness  Christy
GRAND PRIZE  Bundle: Mom Walk, Journey's of Faithfulness, Desperate, and Mentor session: Melissa 
From Twitter party:
Journey's of Faithfulness: Aurie Good
Mom Malk: Jenni Keller,
Mom Walk:
Elise Klicko
Journey's of Faithfulness: Leigh Dusek,
Mom Walk:  Sarah Steidl,
Journey's of Faithfulness: Carla Bruns
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