Front Porch Ponderings

Finally, a day that is below 80 degrees--a longing for those of us who have no air conditioning!

Sitting on my front porch listening to the aspen leaves crackle and dance in the wind.

Sharing the joy of one of my children being somewhat twitterpated.

Helping another child arrange rooms, people, places, airline tickets and talking about dreams and life before Scotland comes

Praying for Joel to get the Apple store job he applied for, and for a Christian roommate in Denver and for money to make throughout his master's program.

Pondering if there is any hope of ever balancing my life.

Talking on the phone to a dear friend afar who is wondering the same thing.

Thinking the hardest overall thing in my life as a mom has been not having time alone on a regular basis-

yet, loving, now the moments I do have to just be with my children who now come and go-

but still wishing for time alone, to read, to just sit, to eventually clear all the messes

no, I take that back--if I could just have a secretary and a house-keeper to help me keep it all.

Wishing all of you and peaceful day.

and yes, I will announce the winners when my friend shows me how to take them off the thingy that I used to gather all the names! It is coming and I send love and wishes of peace to you all.

Guess I should eventually get dressed for the meeting ahead!