Silly Philly

(Jack is strong, really.)

And we're off!

Hello, it's me (Joy). Reporting, most faithfully at the call of my mother, to all you bloggers and blog readers!

It took us a while to get the ball rolling forgetting this and that, we managed to be the last ones to get on the plane. That's always exciting, and you know a trip is not fun unless it's an adventure. Arriving in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, panting and exhausted, we fell into bed, fell out, and then went on our way! From The Liberty Bell to the Independence Hall, we trekked our way from place to place with smiles on our faces and our learning brains in position. I must say I can't think of a moment any of us were silent, I like to think it's because we're intelligent. But it sure did make for quite a few laughs, from both us and the surrounding homo sapians. We all ate our first Philly cheese stake sandwich in Philadelphia, and our stomachs and mouths are in a state of bereavement now that we are done and know we will have no more for quite a long time. Food continued on as theme as we made our way to an enclosed market were we found all sorts of succulent dishes and delicious nibbles. We now sit happily, (and I might mention early, as we somehow mistook the time and thought we were an hour forward in time) waiting to get on our train. So we bid Philadelphia farewell, and look onwards to the exciting prospect of Boston. Especially us kids, as none of us have been to "Boston in the fall" (Veggie tales, look it up ;-) ), and soon we shall be! Well, much love! 

Now some pictures, courtesy mostly of the faithful little blue camera and my (Joy's) obsessive picture taking. Enjoy!

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All of us kids with the Liberty Bell. I never knew what a symbol of freedom it was to all nations! It was really amazing!

Food? Delicate figure? Food? Delicate figure?.... I vote food.  

It was DELISH!

I was put on trial in Independence Hall. I was apparently found guilty. Yikes, mommy!

The place we ate those blessed sandwiches. Not sure why Jack is holding the table...

This Guy was at the market, we liked his Tatoo. It was Psalm 23. Go him!

Miss Shelley got her shoes shined! She's one classy chic!

All for now!