Announcing The LifeGiving Home Resources Page! A New Podcast about Home

Homes Are Like Treasure ChestsHomes are like gigantic treasure chests to be filled with our own personal artifacts of life.

Sally Clarkson, The Lifegiving Home

Hurrah for Launch Week!

I am so excited. I feel like a little girl with great anticipation!   Living this message over the weekend and traveling through memories with sweet friends and hundreds of women just increased my anticipation. Such a great, heart-warming concept:

Home as a place where people feel they belong, and the laboratory of life where all in its walls can grow into the people God created them to be.

We have just wrapped up the 2016 Denver MomHeart conference.  What a wonderful time with so many friends, both old and new! We pray everyone left with a renewed vision for home, as well as a determination to offer hospitality to others.  I feel so privileged to be a part of what God is doing in the lives of women all over the world who love Him. We hope to tape one of the conferences so everyone can have a part in this years very profound message: Building the Lifegiving Home: Creating a Place of Belonging and Becoming. We all long for home, roots, a people and history to feel a part of--and woohoo! The books are out!

And today, we are launching our resource pages to provide lots of ideas for building the treasure chest of your home with new ideas!


Launch week is finally here--so much excitement for us all.  And so today, we are glad to be ready to welcome you in to the new!  Here, we have extensive lists of our family's very favorite resources in many areas--favorite books, things to memorize, tv and movies -- all kinds of wonderful topics.

Our plan is to offer these lists so you can return to them at anytime.  We'll be adding posts periodically which will discuss and give more details, so you can hear how they've been used in our home.  And we'd love to hear from you on those pages also--feel free to offer your own suggestions and favorites to the comments!  We hope this will be a great resource for you as you do your own homebuilding.

Be sure to order your copy of The Lifegiving Home and The Lifegiving Home Experience, here, from your favorite bookseller! And be sure to come back each day this week, as the giveaways begin tomorrow!


Today, I have a new podcast for you! Please subscribe and share it with your friends! I am so grateful for so many of you who are helping me share the message of this book! Tomorrow starts an amazing launch week with lots of prizes that my friends have provide for me to give away to celebrate.

Spread the word so that we can see godly homes springing up with the Light and Life of Christ all over the world! So excited and so thankful.

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