Celebrating the Lifegiving Home Launch Week: Giveaways Galore!


Two little ones in two and 1/2 years, a blueberry eyed little girl with long straight brown hair and a hundred questions a day and a little baby boy who looked a bit like Winston Churchill with a head that was almost bigger than his little body, who just rolled around and grunted and growled--not the same baby noises I had become used to with Sarah. 

Living in Vienna, Austria without parents, support systems, and few friends, I tripped through my days seeking to find routine and rhythms so I could make some order out of life. After 30 days in a row with under 32 degree temperatures and 3 feet of snow lining the sidewalks outside our ancient little Austrian cottage, Clay recognized my cabin fever and dark clouds hovering over my emotions. 

"You need to get out for a bit and have time to be alone. Why don't you walk to the coffee shop down the street and have a little time by yourself. I will stay home from work for a few hours today."

That morning, I was reading in my Bible and stumbled upon Genesis 1:28, "And God blessed them and said, be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it...." Right there a lightbulb went on--the first words out of God's mouth were of blessing. He encouraged the bearing of children to his first couple, Adam and Eve, and then He gave them the earth, as a family to rule over and to subdue.

The family, a man and woman, and children were the first institution through which God would bring His work to bear in the world. This was the beginning of my understanding that family was profoundly important in God's plan at the beginning. This was my first "aha" moment that my home was imbued with eternal significance....The Lifegiving Home: Creating a  place of Belonging and Becoming

LGH-launch_postcard3-2Hurrah! Launch week, at last!

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Giving birth to a book is a little akin to giving birth to a baby. The wait is long, the progress is slow, but finally, the day comes. Today is that day. To celebrate the launch, a number of my sweet friends have offered gifts to give away to you for helping me celebrate this day of birthing two new books.

I am  so excited to announce the official launch today of my newest books, The Lifegiving Home and The Lifegiving Home Experience! (You can order copies at your favorite bookstore by clicking here: The Lifegiving Home .)

Sarah and I hope you will be inspired by our stories, traditions, recipes, favorite books, home rhythms and so much more. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have homes all over the world that are outposts of the love, beauty, life and redemption of Our Lord where people could come to find Him within our walls? My prayer is that real life and real people will be inspired and transformed by these companion books.

 Help us celebrate the week by leaving comments, sharing with your friends.

Next Tuesday evening, we want to connect with women all over the world, who are gathered together in homes to encourage one another in this amazing task of building a home.

Invite your friends, bring treats to share, connect to me in my webcast where I will be sharing some favorite stories, two of my favorite recipes, giving away prizes galore, including a beautiful printable poster of the 24 Family Ways, books, music cd's, kid's journals and the grand prize of a weekend for 2 at my house here in Colorado--with flight paid for, lodging, food and a weekend of inspiration. 

Sign up to come to our celebration party live webcast a week from today, February 9. (You will not be entered into the giveaways unless you sign up for the webcast.)

Learn more and register here: Launch Party Registration

Each day this week, we will share a story from our lives, some podcasts and gifts galore!

Remember, the grand prize will be for one woman and a friend of her choosing to come for a 3 day trip, staying in a hotel, and attending a small private conference in my home. To enter into this contest, you must have signed up for the launch party. Five finalists will be chosen on Monday, February 8, and the final winner will be announced at the launch party on December 9.

 So be sure to also sign up the friends who will attend your party so that they can have a chance to win, too.

Enjoy and check back all week for more giveaways--and to see if you won any of each day's prizes!

You can order copies of our newest books here: The Lifegiving Home

We hope to encourage you to make your home a place of welcome!

To that end, today's giveaways are:

#1. 5 Copies of the Books!  One copy of each book will be sent to the winners.


#2.  5 Copies of Joel Clarkson's newest CD, created to reflect the book!

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 5.47.19 AM

This beautiful album, Music for the Lifegiving Home, was Inspired by the book, "The Lifegiving Home." This delightful collection of piano and string instrumental compositions immerses the listener in the rhythms of home. Each track corresponds to a different month of the year, and captures the joy of celebrating life in every season. Journey through a world of elegant soundscapes, with soaring lyrical melodies, and warm, elegant harmonies. 
"I have been listening to this gorgeous music in my home every day since I bought my copy at the Mom Heart Conference. It has brought a whole new atmosphere to my home. My whole family almost has all the tune memorized." SJB
Joel Clarkson is an award winning composer and orchestrator and has composed several film scores, recorded 4 professional cd's of original music, and contributed to several award winning scores for television and film. (Available on Amazon)

3. One copy of Kingdom Woman, and one Pray Prayer Journal from Tyndale!

Crystal is a friend and we're so glad to have this book to offer today!  And the Pray prayer journal will be a great place to record what you're bringing to God during your own quiet times. Find more from Tyndale at your favorite bookseller!

lgh Pray Prayer Journal


#4.  One coffee mug and devotional from Mercy Is New!


lghgiveawaycandacedevotional11oz white coffee mug with dark pink verse on both sides.
“New mercies every morning; great is His faithfulness. Lamentations 3:23”
Dishwasher and microwave safe.
            and the devotional ...
Spend 40 days reading and listening to what God has to say about waiting on Him alone. Each day offers 1 Scripture passage on waiting on God alone, one prayer, a short devotional and journaling lines. 
Find more from Candace at Mercy Is New!
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And of course, don't forget to order your copy of the book from your favorite bookseller, here!lghbooks

Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments from those of you who have already read the book and reviewed it. I am so grateful for your wonderful encouragement. So happy you are being inspired by the books.