Answers Come as We Walk With the Lord

Cornelis Pietersz Bega

Isn't it difficult sometimes to be a mom? There are so many questions along our journey. We all long to be given concrete answers. I have been asked many questions over the years. Moms want to know how to deal with their toddler's whining, their teenager's rebellion, their elementary-school student's math problems. They want me to tell them just what to do to solve the problems they face.

I wish it were possible for me to help everyone! But the truth is, each problem you encounter in your own family has an individual answer. I can give you advice, direct you to scriptures, and share what has worked in my own home--but that still won't tell you exactly how to handle yours! It's not possible for me to know what you should do, because I am not aware of every detail that touches your particular situation. And if I did, I would be cheating you out of the opportunity the Lord is presenting through this problem, for you to interact with Him to receive His answer for it.

"There so many books on motherhood that focus on how to's and often end up in formulaic philosophies about how to do it right. But most of these books, although they offer some wise principles to follow, do not exactly fit my circumstances or tell me how to handle my unique problems and stresses. There is no book or speaker that can inform me about precisely what to do to make the right decisions I need to make as a mom.

Many times, during my own years of mothering, I would find myself on my knees before the Lord with a problem, struggle, or dilemma to solve, having come to the end of my own rope. What should I do about my child's asthma attacks? How should I handle my child's loneliness? Tantrums? The family member who causes so much stress? My lack of support systems? My struggles in marriage? My own loneliness? Depression? Moves? Financial problems? My child's disability?

As I began to read scripture more and understand my relationship with the Lord better, I realized that God didn't clearly define every issue of family life or parenting in the Bible. Since I know that God is thorough and good and providential over each day of my life, I figured He hadn't just forgotten to put all the rules in His Word.

Instead, I began to understand that even as He asked me to live my life by faith, based on the wisdom of Scripture and my relationship with Him, so He intended me to walk this journey of motherhood the same way. I was to walk by faith and with wisdom,. through the guidance I found by knowing Him and His ways, becoming obedient to His principles, praying for wisdom and then learning to walk each day by confidence and assurance with Him, resting in His promises, His dependable character, and in His provision."

This is His plan for all of us--that we take our cares and cast them upon Him; that we seek His wisdom and grow closer to Him through the challenges we face. Is there something troubling you, sweet mom, that no one seems to have the answer for? Ask your Father. He longs to guide you as you walk with Him.