Why I love to think about Dancing with my Heavenly Father

Ann Dhnahy

"If we're not supposed to dance, why all this music?"  

quote from a book by Gregory Orr

We were created to dance, to laugh, to love, to enjoy, to hug and hold hands and to find joy in life--

because He, who is the Great Artist, crafted life to be filled with hidden pleasures,

sparkling treasures,

deep fulfillment and smiles and thankful hearts and fulfilled dreams--happiness and joy.

Yet, sometimes the melody is hidden or overpowered by the noise that surrounds us, is it not?

Who makes the noise of the world so loud that, at times, we do not even notice the music or acknowledge it's reality?

Who would want us not to dance, not to listen, not to engage in the joy?

We must not give in to this dark side, that creates the cacophony to blot out all of the alluring, dazzling, delightful, pleasing, heavenly music.

But, if indeed, when God imagined us and longed to grant us beauty,

If God created life such as this--one in which there is so much soul wrenching, toe tapping, love-giving, comfort making music,

our deepest souls were also made to dance and to enter into and engage in the divine symphony, irresistable rhythms, haunting, memorable melodies, the harmonies,  that He has surrounded us with all the time, every day.

May God grant us ears to hear, hearts to perceive and a willingness to dance with all of our might.

But perhaps we must remember,

Unless one becomes as a child, he cannot experience the kingdom of heaven--or hear the sounds of the music He is playing for us, even now.