Are you brave in your faith? Are you faithful in Ministry?

10890870_1537790223158873_572285375_n What might God accomplish in your lifetime if you were to trust Him fully to live through you to bring His light to the world?

Who are the people He has placed in your life to love? Teach? Serve? Inspire? Encourage?

You have a part in God's grand story to live and to tell.

Today, and every day, if you know and love Jesus, He has given you the opportunity to bring His Kingdom to bear on your world. Today is a day in which you can serve Him with your whole heart by giving your all to each moment of the day.

My life has been a grand journey of watching Him work supernaturally through a very normal, average woman. I am the little boy who was given my own portion of fish and loaves, but in His hands, my portion became enough to be used by Him.


Next week, Angela Perritt and I will be working together in a Leadership intensive to inspire, train in ministry, encourage, and instruct 20 women from 11 countries--

Uganda South Africa Venezuela Hungary Canada India Australia Holland Germany Czech Republic The United States

How did this come about? I dreamed of having small groups of women in my home to train them more deeply to grow in their understanding of becoming leaders in their own worlds. I began to invite women to these 3 day home conferences.

Angela met me at a conference where I spoke, responded to come to an Intensive. Through our friendship, formed through ministry, we wrote a book together, You Are Loved. The women who are coming to our conference next weekend, translated our book into their languages so that the friends in their arena could have our books in order to transform their lives through the truth of these words.

No one paid them to translate. No one motivated them to translate. But they were moved to do the hard work because they wanted their friends to know.

Angela said, "Sally, if I invite these women to my house and raise money for their airplane tickets, will you come train them and speak to them like you did at your house?"

A normal woman, having a great idea, and working to bring about an intensive--And I know God will show up.

These women represent 8 language groups and by training them, we are praying that they will take our messages to their countries and teach and inspire women in their own arena of life to love Jesus, how to know Him, how to study His word and how to model His life to others.

Will  you please pray with me that the Holy Spirit, who is so willing to do a supernatural work, will work deeply in our hearts and in theirs to bring about a deeper understanding of His word and His ways?

Will you pray that God will give me the words to speak, the verses to share, the messages that will transform their thinking?

So I ask you again today--how are you owning your life, your relationships, the messages you know that will transform others.

Next week, we will start talking about these very ideas in a series I will be doing on Owning Your Life. Hope you will join me.

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