Join me for our very first Momheart Podcast!

unnamed It's here! I am listening to all of your emails, messages and comments. I am just slow, as there is always so much on my plate, (Mom Conferences, blog posts, speaking engagements, leadership intensives, articles and of course, new books!) and it takes a while to get to everything. But I have to say I love ministry to sweet women and I so enjoy you in my audience who let me hear from you. It is a joyful work I get to do.

I hope that you will grab a cup of tea or a mug of coffee or something wonderful and just take a deep breath and join us for a time of friendship and sharing heart issues and fun together. Or if you are in the car or on an exercise machine, breathe in a moment just for you! We promise we will get better and hopefully more professional as we go, but it was so very much fun. We had such fun just taping the first one and getting excited about what will be ahead.


Kristen and I in New York City last year with her darling 4!

Kristen Kill is my dear friend for several years. We have worked together in my ministry for several years and she brilliantly said, "Sally, you can do this and I will help you!" Kristen lives in New York City with her 4 children, ranging from mid-teens to 7 years old--one boy and three girls. She writes a beautiful blog at

Please let us know what you think! And give us some ideas of what you would like for us to discuss. I will be taping some personal messages once a week, (if I can get to it!) and Kristen and I will be speaking together once a week. Hope you can join us! I want to get to some Bible time for you, too, and hope to be sharing from some of what I am reading or have read over the years. Pray for us and for this ministry that it will reach sweet women all over the world, who need to know their lives matter.

We love all of you so--you brave, wonderful, idealistic, sacrificing women who are changing the world, one day at a time through your moments of faith and faithfulness!

You can play our podcast below by putting your curser on the triangle--(the start button for those who are new to this!) Hope you enjoy!