Asking God to turn the world upside down.......

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 My Sweet Blog Friends,

 Clay and I and our precious children started a ministry by faith about 16 years ago. We saw the break-up of families and the scars on the hearts of so many young adults and the Lord put it on our heart to start a ministry to train families to disciple their children, to cultivate a healthy marriage, to engage their hearts in being responsible for the moral training, the emotional health and the educational excellence of their children. We went almost 5 years without a salary hoping to get this ministry up and on its feet. Our children have traveled the world with us, worked at conferences, hauled boxes of books, prayed for hours at a time, and worked in our little office--with a hope and prayer that the Lord would use our family to somehow impact the world for Christ and to bring spiritual reality and health to countless families all over the world.  

 God has amazingly answered our prayers and provided us abundantly with opportunities to impact the world with these messages. As Clay and I approach new phases in our ministry and publishing, we want to be first before the Lord--asking Him for His direction, guidance, blessing and provision. But it is not our ministry, it is the team effort of thousands of families all over the world. 

We need you to help us at the crucial time in history. Would you join with us in praying for Whole Heart for the month of June? We would so appreciate it. The following is the prayer letter that went out to our list. We believe that as parents embrace these messages, the world will indeed be changed for eternity. May God give all of us grace to endure and carry our ideals to the end, energy for the task, spiritual maturity to hear His voice and to have His perspective, and love to redeem many back from a broken world. May we finish faithfully. Thanks for being a part of our prayer call. Please help us pass the word to your friends.

Dear Friends, June 1, 2010
I am so blessed to have a group of Whole Heart Prayer Warriors join us in our ministry as we continue to seek God's favor and will in reaching families all over the world.

I have been convicted in my quiet time to persevere in prayer in a new way and to step out in faith in believing God for bigger answers to prayer. "You have not because you ask not," as well as, "When I come back to the earth, will I find faith."

In light of this, our team here in Colorado Springs is praying that we could find 100 people who would be willing to pray for us every day the month of June. I know it is a busy time for families as they go on vacations, but if you would be willing to pray for even a portion of that time, and join us as a team of people willing to go before the throne of God, we would be most grateful. I will be doing a short video message to encourage you along the way in another week or so, but just wanted to see if we could get started in lifting up our vision and prayers to God together for the next 30-40 days! Please email us if you are willing to be a part of this team!

First of all, praise God because He is worthy. Praise Him as the God who reigns, the loving Father who has compassion, the Savior, the One who leads us in all truth. Praise Him from your heart.

1. Praise God for what He has accomplished--thousands  upon thousands reached through our books, conferences, tapes and dvds. Books in 5 different languages, faithful financial support for 15 years! (8 books written, 2 more old classics in print, 12 years of conference cd's, blogs, websites, and more!)

2. Pray for Him to bless us more than ever before:  *to put our books and messages into the hands of literally hundreds of thousands in the next year  *to raise up leaders who are willing to train and disciple women in small groups in churches and homes (this is happening in so many areas.)

 *We need around $50,000 to bring in new staff to run the Mom Heart Ministry website, conferences, blogs and small groups

 *We need the right person who would fill these staff positions

 *We want to see a revival amongst families, as the Holy Spirit creates a hunger these messages and for committing to the Biblical  Design of the Home and family

 *We want to see a publisher and distributor raised up in the Spanish Speaking World, who could get some of our books in print for them

*Pray for Clay and me as we continue to write new books and discipleship products and Bible study guides--that we would have physical, emotional, and spiritual strength, as well as wisdom to do all that God has called us to do. 

    *And please pray for Him to continue to raise up more helpers and support systems for us as we work, to help us (Aarons and Hurs)

*Pray for all of our children in our families to respond to our training (I believe my children are always a point of attack when we are trying to teach about the area of a Biblical family)  and to become godly leaders in their generation 

 (this is for you to pray for your children and their friends!)
We are so blessed to have been a part of what He is doing in the world. We are amazed at our opportunities and how the Lord continues to bless, but we want to seek and please Him.

Thanks for joining us. We need to storm the gates of heaven and fight our spiritual opponents together. We look so forward to seeing the Lord glorified and to see Him working in new ways. We are asking Him to turn our world upside down as he did through the first century disciples--wouldn't it be exciting to be a part of a movement of God! 

We are so grateful to all of you who have given financially, prayed for us, attended a conference, given a book, helped by teaching groups, or served in any way. What a privilege to be a part of such an amazing team of families. May He bless you today. Much love and appreciation.

Many blessings to you all. Love, Clay and Sally

Please leave a comment if you are willing to be a part of our call to prayer! We so appreciate all of you.