Celebrating 27 years of motherhood-Sarah eased me into it!

Happy Birthday, wonderful Sarah.

After 26 hours of labor, Sarah Elizabeth Clarkson, was born into my arms and made me a first time mother. I don't know what I was expecting, but I was so surprised when a real live baby came out of my body into my arms. I was amazed and fell in love.

I had never changed a diaper, never nursed a baby and didn't know what to do. But God had compassion on me and gave me a lovely, gentle, responsive first child to ease me into life.

Precious Sarah, we celebrate you today as one of the deepest, graceful, faithful, loving, gentle, intelligent, beautiful women I have ever known. I count you as a gift from God, a blessing beyond what I would ever have imagined. I thank you for serving us. loving us anyway, and being such a close friend who has personally invested so much in my life.

I pray this will be the best year in your life and that you will find the touch of God in surprising places, His loving fingertips in every place of your life.

I adore you and enjoy you and thankful. You bring smiles to me whenever I think of you.

Have a grand day!