I've had a religious experience

Just got back from the mac store. We are all in need of new phones--a variety of old phones now in our hands--some you have to shake to get them to work, some have no screens, some are hard to hear--all because we get those 2 year plans that save you something when you have 6 people on a plan. (With 6 drivers in our home, and all of them need money and want to eat fairly regularly and wear new clothes at least once in a while, we always look for the deals to try to afford our life.) But our plan is now up and we can get new phones.

So, Joel took me to a Mac store. I perused all the phone options. Pretty great and much better than our current phones.

But then, I looked at an ipad. Now, because of our conferences and places I speak, I have to travel a lot and our children create more travel because of where they live. I think I have a permanent dent in my shoulder from carrying heavy shoulder bags with books, Bible, computer, and make up in a ziplock bag.

But when I started looking at all the features of the ipad--oh, my! So light and thin----I could probably put it in a purse. I could actually find out where I am going when I get lost in a city--and even I could work it out. Just the book reader alone would save me headaches--magazines, books, Bible, aps, movies, the ability to work in airports, games, and more all on one thin, light piece! (And this one had no fingerprints, dings or scratches.)

OH, OH, OH, OH---I got more excited with each new feature. I love these. I think I need one, don't you?

When I walked out to the car with Joel, justifying to him how much I would love to get one and how much I needed one,  he said, "Mom, I just read a CNN article that said that there is a new study out that says that Apple fans have the same kind of neurological response to Mac products as religious people do in their religious experiences."

"Oh, no!" I've been converted! :)

"And just think of the great articles I could  write for all these moms on my new ipad if I got one!" giggle giggle