Clean Kitchen=Happy Mom


Millions of guests, it seems, have passed through my home. Not only have I cooked thousands of meals for my family, but literally countless people have eaten a meal or celebrated a tea in our home over the years. Consequently, the kitchen is a focal point of our whole home. Meals are the way to bring pleasure to all of my peeps and a way to open hearts! Consequently, making it efficient, orderly, and beautiful has been a constant challenge for me over the years, as I spend hours in this room each day.

One of the pleasures of my year was getting my old kitchen a make-over. Over 20 years old, my kitchen floors and cabinets and sink had become even more dirty, stained, coated with cooking residue and I had become accustomed to it, because I was in it every day. Only when I replaced almost everything, did I realize how inefficient, and outdated everything had become. (Kind of like sin--you get used to what you live with and you don't even know how bad or unspiritual your life has become!)

As mothers, we have to get creative sometimes in order to maintain an all natural, non toxic home environment for our children...on a budget. A while back, I found myself in a sticky situation (no pun intended). I had spent the week entertaining guests. Numerous people, in and out of the house constantly. My tables were sticky, counters were icky, and the kitchen was an overall wreck. I had a major problem: I was completely out of my usual cleaning wipes and products and really didn't have the time to make another trip to the store.

The majority of household cleaning products are expensive, harsh on our skin, and hazardous for the health of not only ourselves, but our children and pets.

Did you know that you could be saving loads of money each month simply by making your own household cleaner? Best of all, you probably have all of the ingredients in your pantry right now! Here's what you need:

A spray bottle Water Lemon juice All natural dish soap White vinegar


Fill up your spray bottle about half way with water. Add a couple squeezes of lemon juice (this helps cut grease and also makes everything smell fresh). Add about half a cup of white vinegar, then just a TINY teaspoon of all natural dish soap (it goes a long way). Shake it all up. You can use this as an all-purpose cleaner in your kitchen, bathroom, tables, counters, and window sills.

Not only is this mixture simple and non toxic, but it is also very budget friendly. Now you can enjoy a clean, fresh home without breaking the bank or filling your house with toxins & chemicals.

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