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The UnWired Mom offers encouragement, vision, practicality, and a two-week challenge designed to equip you with healthy online habits so you can live fully present and purposeful in your real life.

I am so very excited to tell you about a new ebook today by Sarah Mae. She and others have known how concerned I am about the terrible effects the internet is having on our children. In The UnWired Mom, Sarah Mae has poignantly put her finger on the problematic issues for children and parents and she has given us hope and practical ways to move to more healthy choices. Sometimes, moms need to know how to return to a more natural life.

Recently, a friend asked me, "Sally, what did you do to occupy yourself and your children when you didn't have the internet, media, blogs, facebook and gaming devices? My kids would be so bored."

Engaged minds, vibrant hearts for God, godly character and moral strength in my children came from pointed intentionality. I do not believe I could have built these life attributes if I had been on the internet a great deal of time. To stretch our children's brains and ability to think, we must live a real, not virtual life!

Engaging children in what is real--real books, real hero stories, dress-up clothes, art pencils and paint, gardening, cooking, carving, studying to master a musical instrument, discussing important ideas while sitting together on the porch drinking tea, hosting people, groups and bible studies for dinners, events, singing potlucks, camping on our porch under the stars, going on evening walks every night, holding game nights for friends, insuring an hour of quiet time and reading every day---these were many of our habits, but also our pleasures when I was raising all of my children--even Joy, who grew up in the era of cell phones and computers.

Children who are constantly entertained, spend hours each day on internet and media have slower brain function and retard some areas of their learning. Recently, I wrote a blog post that considered some of the havoc that our addiction to internet has created!

Research of every kind has suggested that media, constantly being indoors, over-entertainment, trying to manage children into little adults, too much exposure to sexual material and immoral values at an early age, is destroying the soul of children. They are being pushed and pulled and dragged from one place to another, endless activities, lessons that are supposedly “good” for them,  and forced to fit into the time boxes convenient to adults.  

This stress is wreaking havoc and creating horrendous results on a generation of children who are growing up with emotional adult illnesses at early ages, lower vocabulary, more depression, vastly growing obesity as a childhood disease, and so much more. Premature addiction to sexual images and news stories and acting out adult values is damaging to their souls. Innocence and purity of mind is healthy to becoming healthy adults.

(from Killing the Soul of Children Revisited)

I hope you will consider buying: The Unwired Mom by Sarah Mae

For many reasons, I am passionate about this subject and this book.

You will be encouraged to take a look at your own habits to consider how to move from wasting too much time on the internet to cultivating a more vibrant, real and satisfying life with your family. I hope you will buy The Unwired Mom today and begin a journey back to real life and less stress with your children. 


You can get a copy of The UnWired Mom for only $4.99 as a PDF or on Kindle.

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"Oh my, what an AMAZING read for moms! There is so much in this book that is 100% relevant to those who find themselves over using *any* sort of escape (reading or other hobbies included) OR even just struggling in being disciplined with parenting duties."

Michelle, Amazon Review