Delinquent, I know!

Hi, to all of my wonderful blog friends. I have received such great emails and facebook comments telling me you are praying for us at Whole Heart and just plain encouragement from you. Thanks so much. Your emails and comments have really been keeping me going. I have not been writing regularly for almost a month, and plan to get back to it soon. But, I have been living life and spending my time on things that are important to my own family during this time. (Planting flowers and a garden, having birthday parties and several luncheons and personal tea time with a few friends, and sleeping and cooking) so my life and need for rest have just not allowed me to write--though I have lots of new ideas brewing in my mind and lots to share from the last couple of months. So stay tuned!

But I did want to connect you to a few good articles that I thought might encourage you and or give you some pleasure and insight. 

First, I am always so glad when research validates what I have always been doing and says that it is good. This one is about the healthy impact of black tea--how good it is for you--even with caffeine! So, of course I had to share that with you! Drinking Tea as good as drinking water! You do not have to agree with the article--but you do have to let me be happy about my 2-3 cups of English tea a day!

Now, I am garnering all sorts of research about how far-reaching the physiological effects and emotional and physical effects a mother's love can have on a child and finding new evidence all the time. This is a great article about how the voice and or hug of a mom can lower a child's cortisol and be a calming influence--even into adulthood. You will love this article. Maybe this is why I miss my mom so much--I need her voice and hug.

I will be writing more soon! Blessings and lots of gratefulness for my sweet online friends.

Grace and Peace,