Give a cup of Water and save a life

"And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones , I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward."Matthew 10:42

Nathan was sitting on the comfy, well-worn couch, squished as closely as possible next to me with a bright pink dinosaur shirt pulled over his knees. He was leaning in to look at the pictures as I was reading a children's devotional Bible to all of us, as we did every morning.

And so I read, "if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to someone, you will get a reward from Jesus. Do you remember the verse that talks about Jesus when he said, "I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink,"

"So, when you serve someone, it is as though you are serving Jesus Himself."

"Just think, there are going to be people in your world, Nathan and Joel, Sarah and Joy, that may  be so thirsty for water or for life that you may be the one to  save them. You know, Jesus will bring people into your lives that no one else may be able to help. But you have to have a soft and generous heart to see the needs of these people. I can't wait to see how God is going to use you boys and you girls to bring life to people wherever you go!

"Do you really think I can save someone's life, mama? I want to be like superman and save people everywhere I go!"

"Yes, Natie. God has a work for you to do in your lifetime, to bring his love, and truth and life wherever you go. I think you will be used in a most powerful way and I can't wait to see the story that you live as His superman."

That was when Nathan was 5 years old.

I always hoped my children were listening to these morning devotionals. Through the squirming and noise and fusses, the Holy Spirit was working to bring His messages to the hearts of all of my sweet children.

Throughout his life, Nathan would bring lost teens to our house, seek to rescue those who had run away, share Christ with friends who were on drugs. His heart just grew and grew.

So, I have come to expect that he will always be finding another way to invest or to help--it has been serving at youth camps, holding magic shows for kids, giving money to favorite causes, and more.

Fast forward.

Nathan, 23, in Hollywood, seeking to bring God's light to the dark shadows there.

"Mom, I have a new ministry I am helping. You should look at it and see if we can get a bunch of people to help us. Every year, lack of water or clean water is the most common reason people die. I am trying to fund 3 wells in either Liberia, Ghana, Peru, or India to help provide water for people in those countries who may die without a well."

Perhaps you would like to tell your children Nathan's story and show them the site of the ministry and be sure to read the verses from scripture and discuss them together. It is the pictures and stories of people our children gave to and became a part of that has given them an ownership of their desire as adults to be involved in ministry.


WAS BEGUN By A FAMILY IN NATHAN'S CHURCH. They have literally saved the lives of thousands of people by providing wells for whole villages.

Would you help Nathan reach his goal of raising $1000 to dig three wells?

Would you please pray about giving $1, or $5 or $20 and help Nathan raise enough money to build three wells?

He just needs 80 people to give $10 and three wells will serve 3 villages, and hundreds of people will be able to stay alive and healthy.

You will be inspired to hear some of the stories, HERE. 



Thanks so very much for considering being a partner with Nathan. I am so blessed to see where the passion of my children's hearts leads them.

May you be blessed today.

Thanks so very much! God bless you. (Nathan)