Love, love the rhythm of Saturday mornings

Wonderful Joel, agreeing to take a walk with me downtown where every thing is in blossom.

This morning, I awakened early and sat with Clay over a cup of tea and catching up in my new blue robe he got for me. (I love robes that don't have any stains or scars from cooking on them yet, don't you?"

Then off with Sarah to our downtown French cafe where we have met on Saturdays for about 8 years. Oh, how my soul is filled whenever we are together, as we have a similar personality and similar ideals and dreams and so we talk and talk and talk.

This morning we had quiche and wholewheat walnut rolls with strawberry jam. Yumm!

We love local joints and local people. So we loved seeing Jeremy, our friend who works at the cafe and had a "Welcome home! How was you trip?"

That's the thing about local places--you can get to know people.

Then off to our walk amongst the old houses, where the trees on the street meet in the middle to make a gallery of green to walk under.

Finally, a stop at a store and a spiced chai tea from Agia Sophia to take home as we sipped in the car.

Now, home to read in quiet, a luxury in my home.

A text message to Joy, who is in Dallas at a speech tournament with friends, to remind her to eat to keep her blood sugar up.

I got a text back from her friend that said, "Mrs. Clarkson, this is Tess. I am force feeding Joy. She will be rosy and round when she gets home."

Off to visit a friend for a cup of tea this afternoon, and then Sarah and I and 3 other very close friends are off for a rare, "Girl's night" in Denver, where one of my friends is hosting a candle-light tea and giving a lecture on art pieces in London and Europe.

How nice to be home and what fun to have a day just hanging around with my sweet family and friends.

Oh, my! I just noticed how often I mentioned tea and eating--a pleasure to make life more delightful, no?

Have a lovely weekend--and btw, what are you doing?