Giveaway! Calling All Moms, Families, and Homeschooling Leaders to Help with Dolphin Tale!

[The Giveaway for this post is no longer active.]

My Nathan, 22,  and me in blue!

Many of you have followed stories of my son, Nathan, through all of the conferences and books and blog articles for many years. When you hold a young child in your arms and pray for him, you seek to find God's miracle of direction and blessing and leading for that child, hoping that perhaps, by God's grace, this child will be used to advance His kingdom.  As I was raising Nathan, he was such an out of the box, bigger than life, sparkling child and I did not always know how best to train or shape his life, but I prayed in faith for miracles.

From the beginning, Nathan dreamed of being "Superman" to his world--coming to the world to somehow help save, redeem, bring back light. And so through the years, we would pray together that somehow God would someday use Nathan to help bring light, hope and goodness to the world. He has even recently written a Bible study ebook to encourage others to hold fast in their faith.

One day Nathan said, "Mom, movies are one of the ways that kids of my generation are most influenced in their moral choices, their role models, and through these messages and stories. Someone needs to have an influence on Hollywood for all the values and ideals that we as families hold. I want to enter that arena to see if God would use me to have an impact."

So, fast forward many years, Nathan dreamed of making an impact in the entertainment and movie industry as a Christian who held high moral standards, faith and an idea of bringing light to a dark place. He received a scholarship to the New York Film Academy, then moved to Hollywood, and for 2 years has worked hard, held fast to his faith and to His ideals, and I have prayed hours and hours for God to open doors.

Imagine how amazed and  excited I was to see how God opened doors for Nathan to be a consultant for the Movie Dolphin Tale. His goal and dream is  to try to arouse and inspire 150,000 or more people to attend the opening day, to show Hollywood and the powers that be, that we, as a conservative group of families, moms, parents, homeschoolers, represent a formidable and strong market of people who want to bring light, goodness and ideals back into the influential messages portrayed in movies.

And so today, I am asking for you to help me support my son's dreams. Would you please consider helping me get this message and promotion out to every mom, family, parent that you know who cares about supporting Biblical ideals, goodness, innocence and light in and through the media culture of Hollywood, so that we can help to see that inspiring stories are actually an option of movies that Hollywood produces?

Our ultimate goal is to get at least 150,000 individuals out to the movie on opening day at the midday showing, as that number indicates the interest level of people to the executives at Warner Brothers for their projects. This week, our goal is to spread the buzz about this venture and to get thousands and thousands of people to rsvp at the Facebook page that is named: Homeschool movie day, as they are seeking the support of support groups, mom's groups and families.

Click on the poster to connect to the Facebook RSVP page where lots of prizes will be given away!

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Calling all Families! Calling all Moms! Calling all Homeschoolers!

Join thousands of families nationwide to see the movie Dolphin Tale on September 23 together. It makes a statement to Hollywood to rally behind movies that "get it right" and tell great stories without all the junk, twaddle, and moral compromise! This movie has all the good stuff we want more of and is truly entertaining and inspiring from ages 5-95!!!

It's time the conservative Christian Family and Homeschool community shows Hollywood we have a voice. But how? We need a story we can support and get behind, a story that affirms who we are and what we stand for.

Dear Friends, Dolphin Tale is such a story!

This is a family movie that will inspire, instruct, and bring you to tears because of the great story line. This movie even has two homeschool kids who play the main roles! (The casting agents went to a local support group in California and found them!)

The bottom line is that the Homeschool Movie Club wants to show Hollywood that the those of us with Christian and strong family values are a big enough market to support other great movies with traditional, conservative family values. I am hoping you will be a part of this great opportunity with me!

Watch the Movie trailer as seen on my side bar.

Visit the Homeschool Movie Club website.


Clay and I will give away four (4) Dolphin Tale Fun Packs that will  include items such as t-shirts, posters, stickers, beach balls, and other fun items. Help us spread the word to be entered in this giveaway:
1. Place the banner or poster for Dolphin Tale movie day on your Facebook or blog or in an email letter to your support group
2. Write a blog post or connect our blog post to your Facebook, Twitter, blog or website and leave a comment here on my blog.
3. Write an email to your homeschool support group and friends telling them about this movie and opportunity.
You may enter to win these fun packs for your children by filling out the form below and letting us know how you have helped us spread the word!
Thanks from the bottom of my heart for helping me spread the word! I so appreciate your help!