Happy Fourth of July to everyone!

We live in a little town that has the most amazing parade of veterens, kids on decorated bikes and trikes and every assortment of a groups, clubs and  and floats imaginable. It is lots of fun and thousands upon thousands come from all around.

Then of course tonight, our family and friends, after grilling burgers and sausages with friends, will  gather with a whole community of others, at Palmer Lake nestled in the mountains near our home and watch the fire works in the sky and reflect in the water. A fun memory for many years---except that last year was rained out!

Now to share my favorite new desert this year. Three berry shortcake. We mash up fresh strawberries and raspberries with a little sugar thrown in and just a tiny bit of hot water. Then we sprinkle whole blue berries and toss them together. Pile it up on shortcake or angel food cake, top with whip cream and you have a fresh, and oh so tasty and healthy desert.

Hope you have a grand time with your friends and family!