Have you heard the news about Relevant?

Sweet, Wonderful Sarah Mae

Two years ago, I innocently attended a Relevant blogging conference, by invitation from Sarah Mae who had found my books, not really even knowing how vast and broad and far reaching blogging had become. But there at the forefront of Relevant was a sweet, brilliant, insightful young woman, Sarah Mae. I instantly fell in love with her and wanted to adopt her. And so we became friends forever and I have loved seeing how God is using her in her generation to bring women together, to ask questions, to help cultivate a community of women who are influencing their world with the messages of Christ.

Today, Sarah Mae is launching a new name and new concept. Relevant will now have a new name and identity and I think will reach more women than ever. It has become

You will love the women writing and networking here.

For more of the story, go here. Go Sarah Mae and God bless and go Allume! So excited to be a part.

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