Seek, Search, looking carefully and diligently

Hans Heyerdahl

Now set your heart and your soul to seek the LORD your God; I Chronicles 22:19

I love those who love me; And those who diligently seek me will find me.Proverbs 8: 17

Last night, I almost crawled up to my bedroom. Flying back from California and driving the hour from the airport home, unpacking suitcases and boxes from the car, I just had enough time to take a hot bath and wash  my hair before the door bell rang.

"Mom, there are 2 women to help you set up the house," came Joel's voice from outside my bedroom door. I was dressed in a towel, sopping wet hair! I quickly threw on some very casual clothes and dried my hair just enough to pull it out of my face, applied a bit of lip gloss and down the stairs I went.

Two and a half hours later and 42 women later, I ushered my last sweet moms out the door and looked toward blessed sleep.

When I got to my room, though, Joy was there, wrapped in comfy-come home and fall apart clothes--diary in hand, and plopped down on my loveseat with me--knee to knee.

"Mama, I am pretty tired, but I didn't want to go to bed without spending a few moments with you and sharing my heart."

And so we sat there, together, in the sweet air of love and mama-daughter fellowship and shared souls.

I was so honored that she waited up for me, to meet with me, to be with me, to care enough to spend time with me. It was a memory I will store away to visit for the lonely days ahead when she will be away at school.

And so my sweet daughter gives me a picture of how much He, too, longs for me to wait up for Him, to want to share my heart with Him, to seek His company amidst my busy day. He who is so very busy--and yet always makes the time for me, His little girl. It's a matter of making time for what really matters and putting aside all of the other stuff--to invest in the eternal.

Seek first the kingdom of God, Matthew 6:33

When you search for wisdom, search for her as for silver and gold, Proverbs

If I knew that somewhere on my premises there was a chest of silver and gold, enough to last my family for a life time, I think I would ponder it, think about it, put great effort into figuring it out, look for it, dig for it, because I would know it would provide just what we needed and wanted! I would go to great lengths to trying to find this treasure.

And so, the definition of  searching is: Trying to find something by looking and seeking carefully and thoroughly.

Is this the energy with which I seek God? This is what scripture tells me to do. He wants me to have eternal wisdom, insightful wisdom, wisdom that gives light to my path, direction to follow.

God wants to bless those of us who would really make Him a priority. He has promised blessing and favor and help and rest and guidance and compassion and mercy in our lives. God Himself and His wisdom is touted many places in scripture as being more important than silver or gold.

And yet, I have to really put away the distractions, the voices, the tasks at hand to be sure that He is my focus, my treasure, my confidence and hope.

I rarely meet people who have that palpable life--that almost tangible evidence of God's Holy Spirit living through them. But when I do meet them, every single one of them is a woman of the word of God. They have mounted up over the obstacles of their lives to seek Him, practicing every day to know Him, to love and worship Him.

I want to be that kind of person--that others can sense Him in me, but I know with all of my heart, it just doesn't happen unless I have been spending time in His presence, making Him my focus, living daily in His word and seeking Him.

And so, if I want not to seek to manipulate circumstances or to figure out a formula or system to provide for our family's needs or answers, I need to be sure I am not depending on idols or myself to provide, but see that I am waiting for Him, following Him, being still enough to listen to Him.

I so want to be faithful until I close my eyes on this place of home and awaken to His face--to have loved Him well and to have shown Him my love through my trust and faithfulness while here this short while--that is what I am contemplating today and hoping to pursue.

The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in the field, which a man found and hid again; and from joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field." Matthew 13:44