Ho, Ho, Ho! Today I am an elf.....

Norman Rockwell

Shopping at Sam's as the snow began to fall--food for the week, for 2 parties, for Nathan coming home tonight, for all sorts of fun. I love, love that my home is filled with all of my family.

Then, I shopped for 10 Christmas presents and felt very proud of my finds--I tend to get 10 of the same things for friends if I get what I like and a good deal.

Unpacked everything. I made chile for 30 people, (it will become frito pie with cheese, sour cream, cheese and fritos--a fav of the kids on cold nights!) to come for a Christmas party tonight. Joy and her friends are decorating cookies,  and having a cookie decorating contest, going caroling, and then watching Muppet Christmas Carol. We have been excited all week. So sad for some to not come but the house is filling up!

However, it is snowing outside, 6 degrees and so a few people are starting to cancel.

We have been excited all week. So sad for some to not come but the house is filling up!

Maybe we will have a make-up party for them on Wednesday night--such is the situation in Colorado.

Joel is on the way back from the airport in Denver picking up Nathan--took him 1 hour and 45 minutes for a 50 minute drive--they are still not home yet--will have to have the cookies Nathan wants when he walks in the door. Clay still hasn't made it home and people are stuck on the hill coming up to our house--oh fun---another adventure but we are all a bit used to this and happy to be partying on such a night.

Candles lit, fireplaces burning, and I am one happy mama and figuring out how I can sleep everyone here tonight if the 16 people who have come get snowed in--of course they are all hoping so!

Off to make a welcome sign for Nathan. Stir the chile. Get out the drinks........

So what are you doing today?


So 20 people showed up and the kids caroled and caroled and were asked into a home where they helped to decorate a tree and drank hot chocolate--now some playing piano, some on the floor with feet up to the fireplace and others eating in the kitchen.

Nate and Joel got home after 4  hours from the start and we have talked and eaten cookies while the carolers were out and now the "boys"--Clay and 2 boys--doing music in basement--Nathan and Clay on guitar and Joel on piano--and Sarah and I looking for a movie to watch upstairs in my bedroom together. Still snowing--guess we will have some stay the night.

Sweet dreams!