Who are you listening to? Wise or fools?

Mauryey Gottleeb

He who walks with the wise becomes wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm. Proverbs 13:20

Who is informing your decisions?

What peer pressure are you succumbing to?

Are there fools in your life who will indeed eventually cause you harm--to your life decisions? Your personal contentment? Your walk with God? Your family? Are people giving you the freedom to compromise essential ideals that will have long term consequences?

Are you deciding how to live your life by the voices of your peers, the world?

Who is wise that is regularly investing in your life? Is it a person who has long term integrity?

Are you living from a plan or randomly from philosophy to philosophy?

He who walks with the wise will become wise---find wisdom, hold fast to wisdom, look for wise people and ask them to invest in you, read them, follow them, cultivate relationships with wise people--go to conferences where wise, people who have lived life well, are speaking, seek models of excellence, read great writers of the faith---you can walk with the wise and it will rub off on you..