Home Management for the Homeschooling Mom: And Child Friendly Chores!


"For God is not a God of disorder but of peace." 1 Corinthians 14:33

"Most of the Clarkson family members are not organizers by nature. Only Clay seems to have the gift of organization (which he often considers a curse since it seems to be regularly challenged). Everyone in the family, especially the girls, values orderly rooms and clean living areas and will work as needed to bring outward order to the immediate living environment so it is civilized and delightful, but that's where it often stops. Clay, on the other hand, is driven to create systems of organization, not just outwardly but inwardly as well. Whether it is the twenty-four hinged-lid crates for holiday decor (different color lids for different holidays), the organized and labeled pantry shelves (which never stay that way), the four drawers of family files with color-coded hanging files and dividers, or the organized garage, it is his burden to organize." -Educating the Wholehearted Child

The sun is up, you even made time for two cups of coffee (fully caffeinated), and you have your afternoon of homeschooling all planned out. Just when you were feeling inspired, your joy is interrupted by a cluttered home. Many of us mothers know this feeling all too well.

Our God is not a God of disorder, so it makes sense that as mothers, we would feel overwhelmed when our domain is becoming chaotic and unruly. It is crucial, especially while homeschooling, to create a peaceful atmosphere with as few distractions as possible so that we may focus on what is truly important (easier said than done, I know). Your home is your domain-it is the part of creation that God has uniquely designed and delegated to you to subdue and rule over, especially as a homeschooling mother. However, homes of disorder get in the way of our stewarding this very important place, and creates an environment of stress and anxiety.

Learning the basic principles of home management can save you time, energy, and keep you from becoming overwhelmed. It is crucial not only for your sanity, but for the well being and independence of your children, that you assign age appropriate chores and tasks so that they may contribute to the peace and order of the home you subdue.

Here is a short list of chores that your children can do around the house. For older children, define exactly what you mean by the chore ("The kitchen is clean when..."). For younger children, give them one or two specific tasks at a time ("Organize your toy closet").

-Make bed -Clean room -Set the table -Clear the table -Do the dishes -Clean the kitchen -Empty dishwasher -Fold/distribute laundry -Change bedding -Feed pets -Clean sink/mirrors -Scrub toilet -Straighten any room -Vacuum

Try not to stress on the overwhelming days when someone is sick, agitated, or uncooperative. Not every day will be flawless in the home, but remain encouraged so that you may continue to encourage the sweet ones around you. Be inspired today, and remember that when your home is under control, the resulting peace is a powerful testimony of God's living presence in your family.

Enjoy a special Mommy Minute video below from my sweet friend, Angela Perritt, on something new she wants to implement with her girls in the home.