The Hero's Way: Leading Your Children to Their Destiny


A new wonderful book and Bible study!

Ever since my out-of-the-box, third child, Nathan, was a little boy, he had heroic dreams on his heart. Now at 24 years old, he is following God's destiny for him, using his gifts of acting in film to bring light to a world in need of heroes. Recently, he wrote a study on the aspects he has found important to leading the life of a hero, and below is Nathan's introduction to his study. 

I read my children hero tales--real people who lived faith, practiced developing integrity, learned a servant leadership as the way of making an impact in the world, and learning to be courageous. My boys, (and girls!) all cultivated dreams of how God would use them in the world. Now, all of them are living their stories to make an impact with their messages, compassion and desire to influence their world for Christ.

How are you cultivating heroes in your home?


The Blue Brigade: Mom and me!

From Nathan:

For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of being a hero.

I would watch as the flashy superheroes would cross the screen, and imagine my self in their brightly colored suits rescuing the damsels in distress and saving the day.

I would spend hours outside swinging stick-swords fighting off imaginary the imaginary foes that threatened my castle-forts.

I would fashion capes out of any spare piece of fabric and run as fast as I could through my home just to see it wave in the wind for a glimpse of a feeling of what it would be like to fly.

I am now closing in on 25 years old, and STILL haven’t lost my desire to be a hero.

I might have given up on the hope of my superpowers arriving giving me super-strength,  and I might wear capes a little more seldom.

But I still have the longing to be a hero.

I still have the continued desire to use the powers I have been given for good, and to save the day.

I believe in my heart of hearts that every young man has a hero in his heart.

I believe every boy longs, and yearns to be a hero that stands for good and ultimately saves the day.

But if we begin to look around our world today, getting an objective view of our generation, it seems that my theory might not hold water.

In a brief glance at our current culture we see self destructive behavior from our young stars, we watch juvenile crime run ramped and an entire grouping of twenty-somethings living with the mantra of “Do what you like, do what feels good and don’t worry about anyone else”.

So could I be wrong in believing that we all were born with a desire for heroism?

I don’t think so. I truly believe, that our creator has placed in each of our hearts the desire to serve, love and save the world using the powers he has placed within us. But I think somewhere along the way, many of us forget that longing in the wake of not knowing how to actually carry out, and live the life of a hero.

Because of this, I have recently written a 10 day study-journal that goes through what I believe will are the basic essentials of living the life of a Hero.

I wrote this in hopes of inspiring, helping and guiding those who remember their desire to live a heroic life and want to begin taking the steps towards living one.

I believe we all have a hero written on our hearts, but it is our choice if we will listen to the story our creator has written for us and live it.

-Nathan Clarkson

In my book, you will find discussion questions, Bible heroes, challenges, and more. Your son will remember this little book and what it places into his heart the rest of his life! Build His vision of the hero inside of him today! Lead a Bible study with boys and start a small group!


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