Home Sweet Home--always the best!

"Where we love and are loved is home, home where our feet might leave, but not our hearts." Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
So happy to be in my home again--where the tea is strong and in China cups or mugs, Clay and I chatter about events, ideas, dreams and thoughts--oh so glad I married a Christian-purpose-driven man. Home, Sarah greeting me with a hand-caligraphy card "I have gone to bed, but can't wait to talk to you." and a lit candle, fresh cherries, and home made cherry bars; snuggling up with Joy before she goes to bed, having candlelight and warm meals at night and lots of talking and sharing; Kelcy--oh faithful golden retriever paws me again and again and again, and where all is familiar and all belong to this tiny little community of Clarkson.