Sweet Beth--kindred spirits

Beth Martinez, my fun, beautiful friend

God had so many good ideas of what would make us happy and bring us joy. One of my favorite things, of course, is friendship. Beth and I met by phone a number of years ago. She called me up and said, "If I arrange for Whole Heart to be able to reserve a hotel, will you have a mom's conference in Southern California?" I just love people who take initiative! And as a result, we have continued to have Mom's conferences in Southern California--only the Lord knows how many women have been encouraged because she had an idea and took initiative. But even more than that, we have grown to know and love her family--her wonderful husband, Mannie, Alex and her two beautiful daughters, Andrea and Erica.

Over the years, as their family worked side by side with us in ministering to moms, they have become like family to us and I feel like Beth is one of my long-lost, beloved sisters that I never had in real life. We had such fun walking the pier in San Clemente this week, sharing salads and cheeseburgers and secrets. Then, I had to privilege of attending her wonderful "Mom Heart" group--a precious group of moms who are studying Seasons of a Mother's Heart. Beth opens her home and treats these moms. She had tea, gigantic strawberries, cream cheese and chipotle relish and home made cookies. Each week she reads a new children's picture book and then leads a discussion time over the chapter of the week. I can just see these precious moms encouraged just from being cared for. Beth is a giver, a lover of people, a starter. I know that is costs her in time and effort and means she has to call and organize and clean her house--but I love her because of her heart to always give. She is such an encouragement to me. Nate is coming to join me this weekend and we will get to have more fun at the Martinez house. 

We saw this sign and thought it too true to miss: 

We finished the shooting of lectures for Seasons of a Mother's Heart that small groups will be able to use by fall. We are one chapter short from finishing Mission--it has been a very busy demanding week. But I have marveled at the women I have the privilege of working with. I will have more about them when I get some pictures of all of us together this week. What a funny experience this has been. A few hours of taping tomorrow and then a couple of engagements to speak at Saturday (Yorba Linda tea at noon on Saturday and then speaking for a group 5-6 on Saturday evening. Right now, I am enjoying the most beautiful weather and am getting ready for a walk on the beach at Crystal Cove--oh to take some of this home to Colorado. Hope all of you are having a great summer week.