How much adrenalin can one mother sustain?

Just realizing that I raised my children to be kingdom oriented, to dream of what they could do in the power of the Holy Spirit in their life time. We read of heroes, of grand adventures, of virtue, of faith, of holding on to all that is true.

And now with arenas in Hollywood and parts and jobs and money and concerts and book tours and education and futures and performances, and senior banquets and Hollywood, Boston, New York and Chicago and contracts and ideas and dreams----

I am exhausted just from all the possibilities and relationships and issues and life--by keeping abreast with helping all of them through these issues.

But, how worthwhile to see the foundations mattered. The dreams began as we read books every day, feasted together and discussed life every night, dreamed lived by faith, whispered dreams into their little minds.

It all started when they talked of being superman, an astronaut, Dickens, Mozart. They were listening. They were dreaming. They were already planning to live by faith.

And now, they are keeping me exhausted just keeping up with them and supporting them in all of these ways.

Off to a movie, lunch and more of life with these dreaming ones.