Today, those living right in front of me.......

My family, my inner circle friends who are here for me during the ups and downs, who share secrets, fears, hopes and funnies-who I have shared years and years of life and stories and growing up of our children--through health issues, job losses, financial struggles, hurt feelings, lots and lots of fun and laughter-

Those that God has strategically placed into my life, these today, living right in the warp and woof of my life, in front of me, are those that God would have me love, serve and minister to right now. These are where I need to invest.  How easy it is with some of the media and books and messages that are popular to think that somehow doing something great, or going overseas, or coming back home, or doing something to be noticed by men, or, or, or, must be a better way to serve God or to make my life meaningful.

Yet, these are here in my life today---to teach me a lesson, to give me hope, to offer me an opportunity to listen, to see God's handprint in my moments, to receive love.

They are more important than writing one more blog post, having a  clean and orderly house, washed clothes or dishes, or getting more sleep or privacy. These are the gifts of God, the real live flesh and blood people who He has allowed in my inner circle who will be the real measure of my integrity and work, and who may not be here next year.

And so as God has opened my eyes to this anew,

I am hearing funny stories

ministry plans and books to be written

listening to dreams of romance--from all 4 of my children

dreams of life

quiet times and prayer needs and doubts and convictions

I am looking into eyes bright and trusting and eyes that have shed tears  and eyes that have sparkled with enthusiasm and irritation and I am present in my will and heart to really see what is behind those eyes.

I am listening to what God has spoken to and through my friends when they were reading their Bibles

I am eating spaghetti, homemade bread, petit fours--strawberry, pineapple, almond-chocolate

sharing cappacinos

walking 2 miles every day while talking, talking, talking and settling the world's problems and looking at the grand mountains ahead


talking to Nathan every day about life, his writing, jobs, daily events, fun stories, answered prayer and praying with him on the phone

hearing about Joel's pianist, posters, professors, getting excited about his concert, things he is learning about himself, God, enjoying being his confident and friend

making more plane arrangements, again and hotel--but this time for celebrating big moments to remember--milestones and God's goodness

Seeing Clay's sacrifice for our family, seeing his book be finished, hearing his plans, sharing his burdens

Just stopping to try to see what He is doing, how He wants me to be in this present moment, not frittering away the days that may never come again for pipe dreams where there is more rest or ease of life