I need someone who understands my life!

Clay and I were sitting in our living room one evening after we had put our children to bed and I said, "I didn't know this was going to be so hard!" Giving, giving all day long, with nary a day off and then getting to 9 at night and having the smart, older children say, "Mommy, is there a God in the universe?"

Frankly, at that moment of the day, I found myself more concerned with getting into my own bed than answering a profound question.

And so I was baring my heart to Clay and said, He said, "What would help you?"

"I wish I had more friends who had my life, who shared my ideals, who agreed how demanding it is to be an intentional mother. I need someone who understands my life."

"I wish there would be a retreat or conference where I could sleep on a bed with clean sheets, be an adult for a couple of days, be inspired, eat chocolate, share my issues with like-minded women, have a nice luncheon, speakers who would encourage, but not give guilt--just a place to be renewed."

And, so my idealistic, visionary husband said, "Maybe we should do a conference like that."

And so 14 years ago, we rented a hotel, and the Whole Hearted Mom or now the Mom Heart conferences started right here in Texas where we were living.

And now I am even more convinced than every, after seeing my children into adulthood, that moms need mentors, encouragers, companions, prayer buddies, women who can support them along the way. Without a spiritually encouraging friend and companion, many women will give up their ideals.

And so we are meeting today, with God in our midst to celebrate this wonderful, amazing role of motherhood. Afterall, as mothers go, so goes to world. So, this morning, I am excited to greet my day with all of you who are gathering with us here in Dallas. May God be lifted up and praised and may sweet women be encouraged to stay strong and to celebrate life with their children so that eternity will be different for their servant leadership and loving, giving hearts. Bless all of you in your labor of love today.