It is to a woman's honor to overlook a sin

There are people in the world who will hurt you, offend you, disappoint you. The natural response is to become offended, to develop bitterness, to fight back. But I have always said to my children, it is natural to hate or react, it is supernatural to love, forgive, give grace and control your own spirit.

A woman has such a capacity to bring a spirit of grace and beauty into the world if she focuses on the beautiful--the Lord Jesus who did not revile in return. If you want to leave a legacy of grace, beauty and love, you must choose to walk in graciousness and become more gracious. You do not need to capitulate to the error of the irrational people, but you must discipline what goes on in your heart. The outcome of cultivating love is growing in love and eventually having a legacy of righteousness by your obedience to God.

The beautiful spirit of a woman has a tremendous capacity to bring redemption and strength and beauty to the world.