In the midst of summer flurry, pondering this.....

"Following the Lord may mean leaving behind things we really care about--things that seem worthwhile but are not God's best."

Sally Clarkson

There is nothing new under the sun. When I look back at some of the things I have written, it speaks to me still as a thought worth pondering. It is exactly where I am right now--the pruning stage.

I have so many wonderful blessings and people and opportunities, but only one life to live well.

Activities, lessons, commitments can appeal to us as we ponder what to commit to in a new school year. We don't want our children to "miss out" on any opportunity. Yet, being so busy, having so many commitments can steal energy, money and time to invest in each others hearts, minds and souls. 

One day, I was sitting on our front porch munching on fresh lemon cake and sipping tea with my boys who had returned home from New York City and LA for just a few days together as a family. 

"Why do you love to come home? What do you think made you feel an attachment to home and to each other?"

Both boys said the same thing. "It was the meals every night, the candlelight, the music, the sense of always having a place to belong. The food we all loved, the conversations we shared, the friendships we forged together."

Sometimes it is the simple, face to face, "I care about you and so I am going to spend time with you," times that win our children's hearts, that lay a foundation of security and stability that is more important than all the activities in the world. 

This last few days of summer, make your moments count. Create some chocolate chip cookie moments outside under the shade to talk to your sweet ones. Make a favorite dinner, just because they enjoy it. Celebrate a day and tell them you are happy today because you are so glad they are your own precious children and this is what they will remember when they leave your home.