Is that your baby?

Joy and a sweet friend, Karlyn

Up at 5:15, pack, threw quick breakfast together and jumped in the car.

(Clay had started it and turned on the heater since it was FREEZING when we left. Yeah for an organized man!)

Off to drive an hour drive which turned into 1:45 minutes, in bumper to bumper traffic in Denver.

On our way to a speech and debate tournament for Colorado.

The first man we met walked up to Joy and said, "So why do you like Apologetics?"

Joy, who is doing it for the first time today, (but he didn't know it), gave an articulate answer. She looked beautiful in her professional suit--and then the man said, looking at me, "So, I guess she (Joy) must be your claim to fame."

I smiled and said of course she is.

Then someone walked up to me and said, "I think I know you. Is that your baby?" looking at Joy.

And then it hit me,

Last child, prayed for after three miscarriages, last one at home, always filling everything around her with humor, wit, sparkle, serious pontification, and fun.

"Yes, she is my baby", I got out , with a lump in my throat.

My children are now my best friends. I don't think I will ever be ready for my baby to leave me.

But, she, and my other children, are indeed my claim to fame---my treasure and joys. Today, I will cheer and coach and listen one more time to Apologetics, Cheaper by the Dozen Oral Interp, A Literary persuasive,

and I will be present every minute, attuned to her every move, smile, giggle and sound,

as I seek to hold on to my last few months, my last few moments with this baby girl, now all grown up.