Setting Goals for Eternity

Running the race with endurance that is set before them......

My children must run the course of their lives in this fallen world. They will confront many temptations, cultural battles, difficulties, limitations and stresses. I hope, and pray, that on this journey, they will hear the voice of God to hold fast, to cultivate faith, to overcome, to mount up with faith.

Today, I am writing and pondering, again, God's call on my life as a woman. These words fed my soul, as I continue to ponder my legacy in the life of my children and other mothers.

"In the end, the measure of my success as a mother will not be how well I have taught my children or cared for them but whether I have been faithful in helping them respond to God's call on their lives. Seeing my children develop a heart for God's service and begin to find their own place of ministry in the world is a reachable goal for me as a mother, because God has designed me to fulfill this purpose. The is the true ministry of motherhood--to usher my children into the living presence of God, to nurture in them a heart for Jesus and the Great Commission he has called each of us to fulfill."

Ministry of Motherhood

If I have given this legacy to my children, then they will not run in vain, but will finish the course God has set before them. And this is my calling as their advocate, mentor and parent.