Where there is a will there is a way: Self-Government

IMG_4704b"Whoever has no rule over his own spirit is like a city broken down, without walls." -Proverbs 25:28

What an amazing person you are! By God's design, you have been invested with incredible potential. You have a heart that has the capacity to show great love, to give hope, truth and wisdom through your words, to create beauty and to bring light to darkness.

You have a charming personality that is uniquely suited to God's plans for you--perhaps a quiet, thoughtful introvert who ponders life deeply, or an extrovert who loves to reach out to people, perhaps you love to make messages and teach truth or maybe you serve others  my perceiving their needs and meeting them.

Whatever personality you have, it is suited to play your role, your part in God's mega-story of history. No one else can play your role--just you. But, to live into God's potential, His love for you, the ways He wants to redeem your life there is one thing required!  It all starts with your heart. Heart is mentioned over 800 times in scripture because it is of vast importance to God.

As we nurture and discipline our children, our goal is to teach them what is true and then train them how to choose to obey what is true. Same for adults!

If you have a heart to pursue Him, to trust Him, to obey Him, then you have all the possibility in the world to complete His design for your life. But, you must choose to rule over your heart, because to engage your whole life in your own great story requires you to rule over life from the commitment of your heart. It starts with self-government.

Self-government is defined this way: a person learns to command himself, his impulses, his work habits, emotions, intellect, and talents, and to rule over his will in a productive way.

Children can begin this at a very early age, and I have found it to also be of utmost importance to adults–as one cannot be a mature believer unless one has mastered self-government, self-control and patience.

The idea behind self-government is that all of us have power and authority over our own lives. This power comes from within, and can help us master problems, surmount obstacles, and use our self-will to achieve great things.

Self-government doesn’t mean working out life in the flesh without the power of God, but affirms that we have a moral character that can be strengthened and undergirded by our will, through practice. Mysteriously, the Holy Spirit, who lives inside of those who have committed their lives to Christ, prompts us to walk in righteousness. But, as we learn to obey His wisdom, to exercise our will, and seek to walk in his ways, our spiritual muscle grows stronger. The person who has cultivated this kind of strong character is useful and productive in every area of life.

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