Now is the Time to Move from Chaos to Order, Purpose, Peace

"For the mountains may be removed and the hills may shake, But My lovingkindness will not be removed from you, And My covenant of peace will not be shaken," Says the LORD who has compassion on you." Isaiah 54:10

"Mama, lift the curtain so we can see the mountains," one of my little ones said as we crept towards the airport one snowy morning.

This little one knew what was real and what he could not see,  because the mountains graced our little home every day. He was sure of what his eyes had seen and his feet had walked. But this day, the snow, steam and fogged covered over so that our eyes could not see behind the curtain of mist.


The beginning and ending of Owning Your Life is recognizing the God who created us, loves us, knows us, created us for purpose and intimacy with Him. The God who longs for us to understand His purposes and blessings for us so that our lives might be rich and fulfilling.

Each of us is born with a spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical capacity to live vibrantly into vast potential for accomplishing great feats, (it is a glory to God when we are excellent in skill, wisdom and life), to love deeply and generously, (to experience deep intimacy, friendship, companionship), to know and understand great intellectual and wise knowledge, (God commanded us to worship Him--to serve Him with our minds).

He created us to know and experience so much because He is great, infinite, transcendent, and dazzling.

The world has veiled the glory of God, and sin has robbed us from understanding how marvelous He created our lives to be.

And yet, "The people in darkness have seen a great light,"and Jesus came to lift the veil and to show us His dynamic reality.

My challenge to you this year, in 2015, is to live into God's ways as deeply as you are able to look with the eyes of your heart to see His presence, His fingertips of His reality in all the moments of your day. Believe Him and serve Him with all of your being. Engage your heart to believe in prayer. Extend generous words of love, encouragement to those who walk in darkness.

This is your year to Own Your Life and to live with deep intention, bold faith, generous love.

My heartfelt gratefulness to the most amazing launch team who friended me and helped me to begin to get these messages out to many arenas. I am deeply humbled and grateful. My thankfulness to so many friends who have written, prayed, loved, and helped.

My prayer is that this year, we shall see His light shining through His children more brightly than ever before because we have come more clearly to see Him as He is and to reflect His glory.

May God bless each of you in 2015 as you Own Your Life for His glory--and respond to all that He has graciously provided. I pray you will be comforted, inspired, transformed, encouraged, tickled with happiness, and that His gentle touch and smile of affection will be over each day.

Thanks for this week. I will return to normal at my blog soon--I may need a nap or two first! :)


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I hope my book will be of great encouragement to you, as that was my sincere hope when I wrote it. Blessings and blessings and lots of love to you all.