Own Your Relationships: Marriage, Parenting, Friendships and a Giveaway!


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Home is the primary holding place for all that is valuable and it is the sanctuary for building loving relationships.

"They will know you are my disciples by your love for one another."

Relationships, to a great degree, determine the fruitfulness of your whole life. Jesus defined the ultimate reflection of our presence in the world as how well we loved one another. Christian love requires a choice, an obedience, a heart to serve.

"Greater love has no one than this, that lay down his life for his friend."

Jesus, the ultimate symbol of sacrificial love, models to us what love looks like with real people and then He calls us to the same love for those in our own world.

Marriage: a picture of our sacred relationship with God. He is forever our bridegroom living to serve us and we are to be his loyal, loving, responsive bride. When we cultivate and develop mature relationship in our marriage, we reflect His love to the world.


Mothering and Parenting: As our Father give us purpose, instructs us in wisdom, trains us, provides a stunning creation to inhabit, blesses us with good gifts, protects us, sacrifices for us, so we are to recreate His own model through our lives to bless, train and provide for our children.

Friendship: A place of giving, encouraging, serving, sacrificing as He laid down His life for His friends.

So to Own Your Life, in relationships, infers that we must be responsible, committed, exhibit sacrificial love in our relationships.

God's word is the foundational place where I have learned about my relationships. It starts with a daily investing in our love and knowledge of Him. Then marriage and family become the places we understand Him better as we practice loving as He did. Friendships emerge as we cultivate a heart for ministry from watching and knowing His compassionate love. So love and mature relationships start with loving and knowing God.

I love my giveaways today. First, my wonderful publisher has provided me with some wonderful books to give away. I asked them to come up with a package  of books that would start out the year for one of my subscribers to be set up for quiet times--books that would help cultivate a deeper walk with God.

It includes the Women's Sanctuary Bible, The Life Application Study Bible, Pocket Prayers for Women, and The One- Year Experiencing God's Presence Devotional

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Jeanna Young is a very dear friend, who wanted to have a beautiful way to teach her children about what is looks like to have a relationship with God, to understand how to love others, to know how to grow in character. She created a whole line of books and dolls to implement her own training for her four children. So, to emphasize the importance of our parenting and teaching role, I wanted to give something that would be a blessing to moms and their children in teaching these important principles. Jeanna is so generous to share these with us.


The Princess Parables series is built on the Parables of Jesus.  Each of the stories teach a different parable with character truths for the young princesses in your life.  They follow the adventures of five royal sisters - Hope, Faith, Grace, Joy and Charity - who display distinct personalities that are very relatable. Each princess represents a different Biblical virtue, represented in her storybook.The illustrations are colorful and timeless offering princesses role models that all little girls will want to immolate.  Also from the pages of the storybook, the Princess sisters are now available as dolls! Each of the dolls teach modesty and virtue with painted on undergarments.  The Princess Parables is a ministry to bless moms with Godly role models for their princesses – rich in character! 

You can find out more about the ThePrincessParables.com

Today I am thrilled to be giving away Princess Hope and the Hidden Treasure, Princess Grace and Little Lost Kitten,Princess Charity's Courageous Heart Princess Faith's Mysterious Garden, Princess Joy's Birthday Blessing as well as the Princess Joy doll, Princess Faith doll, Princess Hope doll, Princess Charity doll and Princess Grace doll!

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