It's all about Him, just give them Jesus

My precious daughter, Joy, on a walk with me yesterday.

What a busy week--articles to write, people over for dinner, preparing for a trip with Sarah, helping Joel with a project, meeting with Clay over a new book cover.

Yet, God provided such beauty outside. He painted the bushes vibrant yellows and pinks, placed tiny buds on flowers, pushed up the first daffodils. God, in His glory as an artist, every day, places beauty, crafts color and form and loveliness for me, His child. How could I ignore what He has displayed for me, for us, for the sake of being busy.

The choices I make with the moments of my days speak loudly to the children of what is my real treasure and pearl of great price. And so, I want Joy to know the messages of my heart, that only He matters--serving Him, growing closer to Him, loving Him and extending Him to others, to live by faith, always choosing to believe in Him and taking the time to serve real people in His name--taking the time to serve her will teach her to take the time to serve others.

Beyond that, I have only a few months left with my last child before she forays out into the world to make her mark. And so, yesterday, I took her to a lovely breakfast, and celebrated life with her. Words of life and love became an arrow aimed at her heart.

The last impression I want to leave in the heart of my precious daughter is that Jesus is the foremost, He is the artist and creator, Her Father who has compassion, He will be with her always, He has called her to bring light to a dark world, she will always be loved because He is love, He will give her wisdom, He will show her how to be righteous and to live by truth in a lying world.

I want to give her Jesus for the rest of her life. That is the goal and the measure of my success as a mom.

Have I made Him the focus of my day? The first love I serve? Have I shown integrity in making Him real and walking in the power of His spirit in front of them? Choosing to extend generous love and grace so that they can know His grace? Because some day, I will have to answer Him when I see Him face to face---"How did you whisper into your children's hearts the secrets of the kingdom of heaven? My Love? My Kingdom work?"

We will give three copies of Mission of Motherhood away next Thursday if you leave comments on my blog or here and promote the book study on fb, twitter, your blog and comment. We want to encourage a whole generation of Moms to live for Him and serve Him in their homes.

And in light of that, I want to do an online book study on the Mission of Motherhood--touching your children's hearts for eternity. I want to help spread the real goal of motherhood. And so, I will be hosting a book study, partnered by my sweet friend, Misty Krasaski. We will do videos and questions and Bible study. So be sure to purchase the books for you and your friends and join us in this study.

Be blessed today in His presence and celebrate Him in front of your children!