From Frumps to Pumps--a new you in just a few days!

 A New, lovely book, Frumps to Pumps

 - Your one-month motivational to getting dressed and staying that way

 by Sarah Mae

A few years ago, some of my older children and their friends were talking and they said, "You know, Mom, lots of your friends got off the fashion train at some point in their life--maybe their favorite era, or when they got married. But the problem is, they never got back on again!"

Ouch! It hit me right where I was. With little ones and messes and teens and keeping my house in some semblance of order, shopping and spending the money on clothes just got left behind. Slowly, over the past few years, my girls have "remade" me. I am certainly not the pinnacle of fashion, but it has been fun for me now to be their project and to go out with them from time to time and shop and bring home small items that make me feel a little more sparkly as I try to age more gracefully. I have come to love scarves and feel more elegant with one lovely one wrapped around my sweet little growing wrinkles! :)

That's why I also love having sweet friendships with some of my mom friends who are my daughter's ages. They have great ideas, teach me so much and give me lots of joy. Sarah Mae is such a friend. She is brimming over with great, fresh ideas and her new book addresses some of these issues--reasons to cultivate our beauty and self-image as women.

Sarah Mae--my dear friend!

Her is what she says:

If you’re tired of being frumptastic, than we’ve got something in common. I’ve spent way too many days in comfy pants and pony tails, and I’m ready to kick those items to the curb. I want to feel good about myself, be more productive, more hospitable, and look nice for my man and my children. Are you with me so far? If you are, than Frumps to Pumps is for you. Frumps to Pumps is a one-month motivotional (motivation + devotional) that uncovers some of the reasons why we stay frumpy, and than encourages us through scripture and fun challenges to get out of the frumps and into some pumps (pumps is subjective. I like cute flats myself). Ready to get started? Let’s do this.
You can read about it and hear Sarah Mae talking about it here:
I think this book is a shot in the arm. It is a quick read and you can buy it in several formats!
Here are the places you can buy it for only $4.99!
You can find Sarah Mae's writing and encouragement, and always great ideas at: (
We are writing a book together that we hope you will love. Out in early 2013!