Last days last memories

Hi, to my friends in America. I can't even begin to describe the amazing memories I have made here in China. Most of all, though, it is the wonderful friends, with whom I have fallen in love, that I will miss. The hunger and sincerity and interest at every meeting has been overwhelming and encouraging. I have learned so much and had so many thoughts, but most of all I have fallen in love. It is such an honor to be able to exalt the wonderful design of motherhood in a place where the needs of family and models and instruction is so great. So much work to be done, so little time and resources. I wanted to just say hi and leave a couple of picture memories. Pray our plane makes it back home as we leave Monday at 4: 30 and get home at 5:30 of the same day==we gain a half day. Can't wait for my bed and my home and my sweet husband, but I know I will leave a part of my heart here. For more pictures, you can go to and see some of Sarah's great memories--we will eventually put more pics on when we get home. Thanks for all of you who have followed us and written--it has been a boon to our souls! Go here  for more pictures.

one of our meetings
One of the interesting trees that we see all over here.
The girls club enjoying the view over the Great Wall
Our dear friends
A happy chinese dude. He laughed when he saw us taking a picture of him